2404: Mass Effect Review

2404 writes: "There's a pattern with BioWare's recent games. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was released on the Xbox, and a couple months later, a PC port improved the general interface which made the gameplay more intuitive. Jade Empire received a PC port a year or so later, with improvements to the visuals and AI, making it a better version than its console counterpart. Noticing the trend? PC gamers get the long-end of the stick, even if that means waiting for months. The same rule applies to Mass Effect. BioWare and Demiurge Studios team up to deliver the PC port of Mass Effect, the critically acclaimed role-playing game (RPG) for the Xbox 360. The port also just happens to be the best and definitive version of Mass Effect. Go figure."

+ An authentic and believable universe.
+ Great characters.
+ Great combat mechanics.
+ Different classes yield different play styles.
+ Superb audiovisuals.
+ Superlative endgame.
+ Really cinematic.

- Story, while good, is not paced well.
- Too much loot, making money irrelevant.
- Lacks tough, moral choices.
- Miscellaneous, nitpicky issues here and there.

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1stKnighT3637d ago

The story is the best part. Easily the best story in a video game that I ever played it. Please do yourself a favor and pick this up.

bumnut3637d ago

story was good, shame about the rest of the game.

graphics - great
story - great
content - poor

You get given the impression that you can explore the whole galaxy, but in reality this means you click a map to fly to a new solar system (you don't fly the ship)and have 1 or 2 planets to land on.
you then land on a moon kill a few pirates and collect a 1st aid kit.

seriously overhyped imo

LJWooly3637d ago

Not to mention that the game itself isn't very well-made at all, epsecially by Bioware's standards. It's a glitch-fest. The game also had a very dry and boring feel to it, which stopped me from playing too long at a time.