Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden Revealed For Wii U

Koei Tecmo producer Keisuke Kikuchi made an appearance during the NicoNico Live Fatal Frame series stream to talk about the latest of the upcoming new game on Wii U, which was revealed as Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden [Zero ~Nuregarasu no Miko].

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AllAboutGaming1609d ago

Coming to the West on October twenty first, two thousand and never.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1609d ago

Nintendo of America has localized every game that Nintendo has. Since Wii U launch.

Ultimax1609d ago

Of course they will localize it , the Wii U is lacking for 3rd party games

DoctorJones1609d ago


Nintendo co owns the rights to the Fatal Frame series now.

Dannycr1609d ago

They are even using the western name of the game (Fatal Frame) instead of the Japanese name (Zero). It's coming to the west.

AllAboutGaming1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

No, it is called Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko. Western journalists just call it Fatal Frame because that is how we know the series and no one is going to click on an article about Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko.

I love Fatal Frame and would like to see it come to the West. I'm just not holding my breathe.

Dannycr1609d ago

This is what I'm referring to when I said that they are using the Fatal Frame name.

(Could not attach the image, but here's the link)

As you can see, it is the Fatal Frame name in the japanese ads

Kurisu1609d ago

It's called Project Zero in the UK.

Concertoine1609d ago

While i dont see this as confirmation, if they're going to the trouble of a hollywood movie i don't see why they wouldnt take that opportunity to localize the game.

Dannycr1609d ago

It's definitely not a confirmation, but it is a hint. Why would they use the "western" name in Japan anyway?

Additionally, Nintendo is on a roll and needs to keep the ball going, keeping games in just one area won't help, specially one that is cherished in this side of the planet.

Concertoine1609d ago

There's no pattern in terms of how fast the game gets a western release (ranging from 4 months to the same day). It could come out before that halloween, or in 2015 for all we know.

I honestly think this one has a better chance. The previous two games (4 and wiimake) were too buggy and too late, respectively. Nintendo knows they need to keep fans happy and make some new ones, this is an opportunity to do so. And worst case scenario, Nintendo doesn't see the potential and a company like Xseed brings it over with cheap localization and makes a quick buck.

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Metallox1609d ago

There are rumors of a possible 2054 release, so there's still hope.

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Dannycr1609d ago

Looks really nice and interesting. Can't wait for it.

DCfan1609d ago

The sub title reminds me of Momiji.

Zodiac1609d ago

I think Unlimax is entirely serious, considering that is the official trailer.

Unlimax1609d ago

You could check the Related video if you like
Not sure what the point of disagreeing on this ._."

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1609d ago

You and Zodiac get "Helpful" Bubble votes.

Thanks for posting the link.

TekoIie1609d ago

How are people disagreeing? Its on their official channel...

Samuel-Rodrigues1609d ago

This is one of my favorite franchises of all time and the possibility of not having the chance to play this one as well as 4 still makes me a very very sad man.

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