Here’s everything The Last of Us Remastered is bringing to the PS4 | BGR

BGR writes: "After seeing the game in action on Tuesday, I’m happy to report that Naughty Dog is giving fans of the game and newcomers alike a whole lot to look forward to."

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Yi-Long1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Once again, EU-gamers should keep in mind that the EU-release will be censored. Sadly.

Ezz20131525d ago

did sony do this or is it the law ?!

SaveFerris1525d ago

Not this again. Why does this happen?

nagalaga311525d ago

Not all of the Europeans though. Only German and Austrian players. My retailer (in Romania) has confirmed that it wont be censored.

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stavrami-mk21525d ago

@future if u turn up I'm just letting you know it's sent 1st class royal mail be with you 9am :-/

Sadist31525d ago

So basically everything that was given on the PS3

Longsama1524d ago

Nice to know I can keep my save data, access to my new game plus is definitely a bonus