You Can Already Get The Last of Us: Remastered for a Discounted Price

Twinfinite: Well that was fast. Enjoy a discount on The Last Of Us: Remastered from your friends over at Newegg.

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randomass1711530d ago

Discounts are always a great thing. Wish they would announce a discount for trading in the PS3 copy or something like that though. :[

memots1530d ago

yeah i got digital and i still hold hope they would give a rebate for those who got it on ps3

user14394141530d ago

This game is so good I would pay $80 for it :)

randomass1711530d ago

At first I wasn't really feeling remasters but now I would too because it's just that good a game. Wish I made more money. :(

Hydrolex1530d ago

8.99 shipping ! 3 business days

FREE shipping, 7 business days....

Wooaaaa, I will just pay the extra 5 dollars :0 !

randomass1711529d ago

lol That happens a lot on Amazon too. Free two day shipping or paid five day shipping? Derp!

Back-to-Back1529d ago

Amazon is always the cheapest option if you have prime.

Prime + No tax = win

XiSasukeUchiha1530d ago

Pre order now, my comrades!

PinkEye1530d ago

It's only $5. Shipping will even it out to the retail price anyway. I'll just buy it in stores.

Yahdaree1529d ago

Comrade? Are you a communist?

memots1530d ago

queue in the Xbo fanboy accusing sony of flip flopping again?

SilentNegotiator1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

What are you even talking about? Newegg is selling TLoU for $5 under MSRP...what does that have to do with Sony?

memots1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

It doesn't , I was making fun of the fact that some people where saying Sony was flip flopping when they announced the retail price drop from 59 to 49$.

They were grasping at straws , I was making fun of it,

Even you where in that thread Silentnegotiator making fun of those supposed outraged people that had no intention of ever getting the game.

kratoz12091530d ago

Cannot wait to play this game again!

I just need to figure out, how to wipe out my memories of this so i can have that same experience again!

M1ST4K31529d ago

I have 0 spoilers in this game :) Never watched a walkthrough... Never watched any media other than trailers. When it came out I was thinking about buying a PS3 but never did... Then it was the Sony conference saying that the PS4 would be backward compatible through streaming and that led me to wait for the PS4 and play the game there.

I'm so happy they did this remaster...

vickers5001529d ago

I wouldn't advertise that on this site. Never know when some jackass might see your comment and try and spoil it for you because they think it's funny.

XtraTrstrL1530d ago

I pre-ordered it earlier today on PSN. I used an Amazon $20 gift card I won from n4g recently and paid only $29.99 out my wallet. That's not too bad of a deal.

PsylentKiller1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I just bought my nephew a PS4 at GameStop and got Watch Dogs for $10 more. I returned the game to Target and got $65 store credit. I used the credit to buy PSN cards. I pre-ordered the game on the PS store. So in the end, I spent $10 for TLOU.

My deal was better.

XtraTrstrL1530d ago

Well, I did get TLOU for PS3 basically FREE earlier this year. I ordered it from Newegg, and it disappeared from tracking for awhile, so I got a refund for it being lost in the mail. It arrived the next day.

LMAO, beat that!

PinkEye1530d ago

How do u use your $20 amazon gift card towards psn? Did u use it to get a psn card?

XtraTrstrL1529d ago

Yeah, bought a PSN $20 Code from Amazon with the gift card.

PsylentKiller1529d ago

Lol. That's the crappy part about buying digital. There no chance of a mistake like that ever happening.

Physical > Digital


I have bought about 20 games this gen. All of them digital.

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The story is too old to be commented.