The Death of WoW

World of Warcraft , or WoW to most people, has been the epitome of a MMORPG. They had once perfected the formula of an intriguing lore, interactive gameplay and a generally fun MMORPG, to the extent that new entrants of MMORPGs can only hope to follow WoW and hopefully differentiate itself along the way. Games I’ve played after WoW (admittedly not much) such as RO2, Allods Online, etc, all fall into the same trap that makes it noticeably similar to WoW.

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Codewow1613d ago

I can assure you the Pay to Play model isn't affect this game as much as some believe. The worst thing about WoW to any veteran WoW player is that it's become too EASY. As well as extremely repetitive.

Joelwow1612d ago

You are right, Blizzard keep reducing the difficulty of raids