The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Preview |

The Last Of Us Remastered on PlayStation 4 is out July 29th, so we got our hands-on a preview copy to discover exactly how it handles on PS4's console from last year's edition.

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Frankskint1615d ago

I really enjoyed TLOU. I think I am going to get TLOUR on PS4 when it comes out just to see the difference for myself.

SuperBlunt1615d ago

But still not as bad as a 3do. Amirite?

Vantage1615d ago

You people disagree?

"I really enjoyed TLOU. I think I am going to get TLOUR on PS4 when it comes out JUST TO SEE THE DIFFERENCE FOR MYSELF."

It's a $60 graphic test. Waste of money, concluded.

FamilyGuy1615d ago

It's a *$50* upgrade in visuals and fluidity as well as coming packed in with $30 worth of DLC.

There's no "waste of money" about it. Over 200 awards received, it's basically a GOTY edition and I never see anyone complain about those.

So much salt for no reason :/

DeadlyOreo1615d ago


It's also just simply having faith in Naughty Dog's work, one of of the best developers around.

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henrythomas2841615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

I am so glad Naughty Dogs are allowing gamers a chance to lock TLOUR at 30 frames per second. I had an issue with Infamous 2 at 60 FPS, so was glad when they brought that option. to change it.

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patelsanjeed1615d ago

You prefer TLOUR at 30FPS. WOW! Give me 60 frames any day.

ArronNelson1615d ago

This is the best game i played on PS3, can't wait to see it on PlayStation4

bigbic1615d ago

Glad to see that he thought it was a really nice visual overhaul. Can't wait to play the MP again, even though I was never the best at it.

Bathyj1615d ago

Dont let that stop you. No one is best at it.

Except for that one guy...

AllAboutGaming1615d ago

Only an Xbox fanboy would complain about one of the best games ever getting a next-gen makeover. All while at the same time saying the Halo remaster is the greatest thing to happen to gaming and will cause everyone on Earth to rush to the stores to buy an XBone.

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