Microsoft Holding Onto the Xbox Brand AKA The Trouble with Shareholders

Shareholders, investors, and analysts want Microsoft to drop the Xbox division, but new CEO Satya Nadella is holding on.

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JBSleek1616d ago

People say shareholders and there is only two shareholders who really want Xbox gone and they don't make up any substantial financial holding in MS.

Xbox isn't a part of MS core but it is their best consumer product and that is an area in which MS wants to take on Google and Apple.

iamnsuperman1615d ago

I agree with you but the Xbox isn't Microsoft's "best consumer product". That is clearly windows and office. The Xbox isn't really a good product to take on Apple of Google. I assume your talking about entertainment services but what the other two offer is a cheaper device. Apple and Google don't want anything gaming related outside the mobile space

JBSleek1615d ago

Windows and Office are enterprise products. Yes they sell them to average people as well but no gets excited about Office and Windows.

When I say Apple and Google I don't mean in any particular sector. Just as brands that consumers enjoy Apple and Google rule. MS wants to win over consumers as well and not just been known as enterprise kings.

uth111615d ago

best consumer product as in devices.
MS has a dismal history in this area, Zune, Surface, Windows phone. Xbox is the only hit.

psuedo1615d ago

Windows is a monopoly. Sure you have mac, but thats like trying to say walmart isnt a monopoly because theres crappy ole kmart.

MelvinTheGreat1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

The fact that NextLevel trolls his own articles is funny as hell. Instead ofplaying his beloved ps4 he trolls the xbox and MS for some unknown reason. Whats even worse is that he thinks his voice actually matters. Lol.

hello121615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

lol. He loves to troll hes trying to increase his bubble count too so he can be an even bigger douchebag

strangeaeon1615d ago

There is no way this person has time for this and gaming on his precious PS4.

azure19901616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Nextlevel. Before you use the word "shareholder". Why don't you understand how 'business' works. I'm tired of these n4g users like yourself actually think they know everything about how business works.

strangeaeon1615d ago

If you look at the stories being approved today it looks like a nice little anti MS/Xbox One tag team. It's really quite absurd.

peshkavusCA1615d ago

Playstation rules the world.

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The story is too old to be commented.