Five of the Hardest Achievements on Xbox 360

Think you’re hardcore? Well, you might be, but not all Achievements are created equal. You may have skills, but if you want these tough-as-nails Achievements, you need skills. That’s skills with italics, just to be clear. If you’re the kind of gamer who’s up for the toughest of the tough, these are just some of the Xbox 360 Achievements that will push your gaming prowess to the limits.

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coolbeans1491d ago

It was pretty darn satisfying to get the "Monument..." achievement in Halo: Reach. Really good challenge, expect for the final 5-10 minute part feeling a bit cheap.

admiralvic1491d ago

I really dislike when people use skill and time interchangeably. Like what makes "Seriously..." a feat of skill? If the task is killing 10,000 people, then you play enough games and you're bound to achieve it regardless of it being ranked, you being good or them having skill. It's just the sort of thing that that will happen and skill will simply make it happen sooner.

I would also say Balls of Steel wasn't that bad. Not only did I find the air hockey game harder in Duke Nukem Forever, but there are certainly significantly harder achievements out there. While I don't know the achievement system as well as I know the trophy system, some things like "Perfect Hero" in Battle Fantasia, "Committed 'Til the End" in Lost Planet 2 and many more are harder to do than Balls of Steel.

Multiplatguy1490d ago

Gears was very much a skill based game, being only 4v4 it wasn't uncommon for players to end a game with very little kills at all. In fact, it wasn't common for the good players to end a match with even double digit kills. Sure the average guy could get this if he dedicated enough time but it was time consuming for even the best players which makes it a hard achievement.

If you are not good at gears, that achievement is well out of your reach regardless of how much time you have to sink into it.

admiralvic1490d ago

"it was time consuming for even the best players which makes it a hard achievement. "

But again, what about it is difficult besides the time commitment?

caseh1490d ago

'But again, what about it is difficult besides the time commitment?'

The requirement itself, it shows a level of dedication. An achievement can be hard to obtain without necessarily being difficult.

Multiplatguy1490d ago

'But again, what about it is difficult besides the time commitment?'

Because it's time consuming for even the best players. Anybody who isn't that great at the game has little to no chance to get it regardless of how much time they put into it.

Getting 1000 kills in online ranked was hard. Getting 10,000 was both time consuming and hard as it was other players you were fighting and not bad AI.

Jrmy841490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Monument was easy for me, I actually to this day can't beat that dang flood invested ship that crash lands on earth in Halo 4 on legendary. Beat all the levels up to that on legendary but, I still can't get out of the ship. Then again I've gained my 70,000 achievement points all with no multiplayer, or co op, I have no xboxlive gold. Maybe I should go gold for once('! ') achievements alone give me enough replay value instead of Multiplayer.
Edit: still working on not dying in limbo to this day.

LogicStomper1490d ago

I reckon finishing CoD 2 on veteran was by far the most difficult for me. Aim-bots errywhere.

coolbeans1490d ago

Haha...that one and even CoD3 could be way too tough at times, prompting me to rage quit.

LogicStomper1490d ago

Those early CoD games were really rage-inducing compared to the ones now. Like, sure I enjoy a challenge, but those early CoD games? That's more like torture on veteran.

Jrmy841490d ago

I beat all of the COD games on veteran. Hardest COD for me on to beat was COD World At War.

r3f1cul1490d ago

heart of the reich is seriously one of the hardest missions in fps history on vet in world at war...

Jrmy841490d ago

That's funny as hell LogicStomper LOL!!!

HaveAll31490d ago

I have the Halo Reach one, I got 1000 on that game. I have 2 friends that got the Gears if War one. My gamer score is 130,000+.

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