Star Citizen Wants $50 Million for Real Alien Languages, Existing 7,106 Languages Not Good Enough?

Mike G from Twinfinite writes:

Recently – yesterday, 7/15/2014 in fact, an interesting announcement was made regarding the upcoming space simulator Star Citizen. Indeed, the project heralded by Wing Commander Chris Roberts himself has even more news for gamers.

They’ll be adding three authentic alien languages to the game. Three! Nothing makes a world more immersive than having aliens speak in tongues completely…alien…to our own!

Wait, what’s that? Oh, this is going to cost FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS!? Why not $49 million? Oh, that only gets you a virtual space plant.

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joab7771612d ago

That was my first thought. "We have a great thing going and ppl are throwing money at us, so what the hell can we add now?"

But, at least part of me believe in these guys. If u put urself in their shoes, it may be legit.

Imagine actually being given the money to make exactly the game u want to make. U dont want to stop. U wanna make the greatest game ever...and the ppl stand squarely behind not add 3 real languages to an already amazing game. Imagine the authenticity. If it gets big...real big...something like this could lend itself to other projects, other media.

aliengmr1612d ago

'Ever hear of Destiny? Its a new game developed by Bungie.' <---- evidently that, requires an investment of over $100 million from Activision.

Investing in the actual game, even something small, like languages, doesn't seem nearly as wasteful as bloated marketing budgets IMO.

Magicite1611d ago

its either biggest scam in gaming history or biggest kickstarter (maybe both?)

Volkama1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

They are not spending $50million on languages. When they reach $50million in total they will include those languages, on top of everything that was already covered off by the $49,999,999.99 before it.

And a made up language may seem unnecessary, but there is value in pouring that kind of care and detail into the setting of a game. It just adds substance to the fantasy.

Middle Earth is one of the most lauded fantasy settings ever conceived, and that is in large part because of the attention to detail that brought the world to life. Including made up languages.

Though for me personally they might as well just make the aliens speak Swedish or something. I'd be none the wiser.

Spotie1611d ago

Yeah, but it doesn't cost much. That's like a ten dollar project.

I did it for free in high school.

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JsonHenry1612d ago

They're running out of things to add for stretch goals. Not a bad problem to have.

BitbyDeath1612d ago

For them yea, they've already stated they will keep collecting money up until the game is finished.

Seems like one of the biggest gaming scams ever IMO.

48 million and counting.... SMH

aliengmr1612d ago

I'm starting to think people that use the word "scam" a lot, don't actually know what it means, IMO.

JackBNimble1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )


"I'm starting to think people that use the word "scam" a lot, don't actually know what it means, IMO".

Well ... to be publicly funded with $48,000,000 and counting , to produce a game that will then be turned around and sold. Are any of the investors going to get their money back? I doubt it, why would they, it's public funding.

So the devs of Star Citizen get their bills paid for by the public funding and then they get to turn around and sell the game and make a profit on this project.

Most other big productions are paid for by the producers , who get their investment back when the game is sold.

I could see how this could look like a scam to some people.

Edit: BTW, I don't agree with the scam theory and I will be getting the game when ever they decide to release it.

aliengmr1611d ago


How can buying something and then getting that something be a taken as a "scam"?

Thing is, scams involve one party not living up to their part of the bargain.

I buy a game, I get a game: Not a scam.

I buy a game and get a toaster: Scam.

In this case CIG is selling various items and providing those items to the folks who paid money for them. What they purchased and for how much is entirely irrelevant.

Above all, you can, as a free thinking human being, ignore this whole process until the game is done and buy it then.

Not much of a "scam" if you can avoid it so easily.

"Backers" and investors are not the same thing. What is often misunderstood is "backers" are funding the development of a game. Their "return" is the game, not money. And why shouldn't CIG profit off this game?

What this all comes down to is misunderstanding the process, then just blurting out "scam".

Volkama1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

@Aliengmr but you can have hours of fun with a toaster AND you can toast bread. Possibly even bagles and crumpets.

If you call that a scam you just sound petulent and ungrateful.

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modesign1612d ago

how much money to get a solid release date.

Anonagrog1612d ago

They're only just 2 years in now. It's going to be several years from now before we get the full release.

This is the best anyone has for the time-being:-

Anonagrog1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Nice bias from the author there. Always nice to see that from inadequate research. That's how it goes I suppose.

There was actually a poll held on the website recently which asked backers if they still wanted stretch goals, because, essentially, they are running out of ideas for them.

It's not a case of them adding weird stretch targets to entice people to pledge, it's actually vice versa with CiG having to come up new goals because the money keeps coming in. CiG can't and won't stop the funding because it all comes from the site shop which provides merch and pre-purchasing of ship packages.

People can moan all the want, but at the end of the day CiG aren't forcing people to get interested and to pledge, and they're as transparent as they possibly could be too about the development process. What more do people want?

Ps. Chris' stance on how stretch goals are presented can be seen towards the end of his letter here:-


aliengmr1612d ago

Crowdfunded games are a scam unless their completed in a day and absolutely perfect. Duh.

Besides we all know this game is the most expensive game EVER in the history of games.


DeusEx-Machina1611d ago

Don't bother. These guys are not interested in the truth.

MysticStrummer1612d ago

Authentic alien languages…?

Add Vulcan and Klingon and I'll contribute even though I'll never play this unless it comes to consoles.

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