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Japanese Xbox One Games Coming “One After the Other” in the Future

Microsoft seems quite serious about achieving a successful launch in Japan for the Xbox One, and local honcho Takashi Izumi mentioned that local fans have a lot to look forward to. (Takashi Izumi, Xbox One)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   379d ago
What type of Japanese games I'm asking like JRPGs, fighting games, strategy, fantasy, anime, FPS, and or all them, What type of Japanese games MS.
Rowdius_Maximus  +   379d ago
Kinectimals: Japan, Titanfall: Gundam Edition, Halo: Samurai Edition, etc etc
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turdburgler1080  +   379d ago
Omg if they had titanfall gundam edition and we didnt I'd be Pissed;-)
Rowdius_Maximus  +   379d ago
Who disagreed with all my great ideas!>!!<!<!<!> ;>!?!?!?!

Nothing XBOX has ever really been too popular in Japan.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   379d ago
People seem to forget that the Xbox 360 started out pretty well in japan. Allot better than OG Xbox.

The marketing was there the price was there and most importantly the games were there.

Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean, Enchant Arms, DOA 4, The Last Remnant and Tales of Vesperia.

Pushed some sales in for MS in that region. Especially The Lost Odyssey and Blue dragon.

I'll say its partially MS fault for backing down so soon from there great push. They saw sales were slow and not as fast and US or anywhere else.

Which is why 360 is no longer existent in Japan as of now.

If Phil was smart he would continue to push that region and invest in new games.

I highly advise MS release D4, Sunset Overdrive and KI Forza Horizon 2 even the new Ip's such as Scale bound and the newly resurrected mega cult hit Phantom Dust.

I heard that game sold pretty well over there. Even if it did make up most PD small install base.

I expect some surprises at the TGS. Maybe a Blue Dragon 2?

Lost Odyssey 2?

Whatever it is MS shouldn't give up so easy over there. Just keep up the content of games keep investing give Japan a reason to buy. Hopefully they'll come and hopefully stick this time around.
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kingdom18  +   379d ago
I'd love another Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon... but please don't remind me about Tales of Vesperia.... it still makes me so sad....

.... I agree pushing things like Scalebound and Phantom Dust would do them well.

....... but please... they need to keep their paws off of Tales... I couldn't stand it if another thing like Vesperia happened, think what made it worse is its my favorite Tales game....

.... oh well... I can still learn Japanese.....
christocolus  +   379d ago
Wow..I hope we get a new otogi, lost odysee and more games like dark souls&chrome hounds. I enjoyed the first Blinx too and it wouldn't be a bad idea if MS created an exclusive ip in the survival horror genre.. Ms needs to invest big in this type of games. Looking forward to TGS.
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Abriael  +   379d ago
Me too. This year I'll be there. Gonna be fun. I've not been at TGS for three years, and I miss Tokyo :D
christocolus  +   379d ago
That's great. You living the life man but wait any chance i could come along with you? You'd just pack me along with your luggage. Lol.

Make sure you get us previews of all the great games at the show.


Yeah Jade empire was great. Would be nice is MS got a sequel or even a reboot of the original out on xbox one.
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Abriael  +   379d ago
Haha man, believe me, gaming events like E3, Gamescom and TGS lose a lot of their luster after you get back to the hotel after at the end of the second day and you feel pretty much like a walking corpse, while your feet feel like they've been beaten with an excavator head.

Still, I miss TGS because for a Japanese game lover like me, it really has a different atmosphere compared to other shows. Also, tokyo is an awesome city, so I'll probably wander around in the evenings despite the hurting feet :D
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DanielGearSolid  +   379d ago
I have to go to TGS, b4 I die
NextLevel  +   379d ago
LO and CH are 2 IPs Microsoft should pursue, but aren't. Jade Empire aswell.
KonsoruMasuta  +   379d ago
The funny things is they actually own the Lost Odyssey IP. It was part of the 2nd party deal they made.

They're just sitting on it and doing nothing with it.
OpieWinston  +   379d ago
At this point Microsoft needs to invest in building new studios.

Dedicated Studios.
Action Adventure

Are two that should be at the top of their list. X1 is pretty diverse with games lineup right now but it's time to bring more First/Second party studios.
ABizzel1  +   379d ago
Congrats to them for trying, but I really don't think it's worth all the effort, because I doubt it'll work out for them.

That being said more games are always welcomed, and hopefully Japanese devs, can bounce back from the last-gen on all platforms, with these consoles being easier to developer for.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   379d ago
Otogi? Oh no you didn't just go there...
KonsoruMasuta  +   379d ago
They better keep this promise. I remember when I bought my Xbox 360 along with Blue Dragon. I loved all the exclusive Japanese games 360 had

Rumble Roses XX
Lost Odyssey
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
Ninja Gaiden 2
Blue Dragon
Dead or Alive 4

Those days gave me memories. Then Microsoft forgot all about the Japanese market, started targeting dude bros, and left me scratching my head wondering what happened.
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   379d ago
surprised that would leave anyone scratching their head. Microsoft made multiple solid efforts to make a dent in japan and received nothing from the Japanese audience in return. why in the world would any company continue to make games for an audience that wont buy their product?

being a sony guy myself, microsoft was always a distant second. but even i have to admit that microsoft made 3 damn fine consoles over the last 10+ years. there is NO reason why xbox products should do as bad as they do in japan.
at this point i wonder why theyre even bothering with pushing the xbox one in JP. there was no push quite as big as the xbox 360's push a few years back. why in the world would you waste money an resources to see the same outcome for a third time in a row?
christocolus  +   379d ago
Lol. I think I remember rumble roses. Wasn't that the female wrestling game? I played the demo once but my brother kept going back to it..lmao.
KonsoruMasuta  +   379d ago
Yeah, it was an all female wrestling game made by Konami.

All of the girls wore fetishistic outfits and it had a photo mode and adjustable camera that allowed you to zoom in on "the action".
lameguy  +   379d ago
But - Are they coming to the West? That kind of matters more because I don't see them doing so great in Japan itself any time soon...
MegaRay  +   379d ago
As long as Japanese developers still developing games for PS3, I dont see any reason for me to upgrade.... yeah call me anime nerd, but I just rather anime/semi realistic games than realistic game (except infamous :D)
Jury  +   379d ago
Big-finger  +   379d ago
i doubt there will be any exclusive jrpg for the console since sales history has taught us that the xbox camp doesn't like the genre. There may be some visual novels and mini games for the console, but that's it.
snookiegamer  +   379d ago
Used to be Japan was the trend setter and home of console gaming. Something needs to reinvigorate the Console business in Japan.

Whether that's Xbox One or PS4 is irrelevant. Nintendo didn't create their Wii U gaming pad on a whim. Mobile rules Japan at the moment. Less and less investment is going into AAA development.

Thank the pixel Gods, western audiences still have a healthy appetite for Home Console Gaming ;)
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