Vehicle sound design in Battlefield 4 (Frostbite 3)

"A “behind the scenes”, warts and all, article and video about the helicopter models in Battlefield 4, written for the Designing Sound ‘vehicle’ month, of July."

You might just watch (listen!) to the video, but to really get a glimpse about all the work that gone into the sound design read the notes in the article about what you are really hearing.

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ab5olut10n1609d ago

How about the sound of a rubber band snapping?

solid_snake36561609d ago

Lol and how bout no sound at all at the beginning of a match.

Pandamobile1609d ago

That's called "loading". It's what happens when all the assets in level are still being loaded into memory.

Would you rather have no sound for 30 seconds, or sit behind a loading screen for 30 seconds?

solid_snake36561609d ago

@Pandamobile oh really, how come it doesn't happen with any other game? Is that your excuse for the rubber banding issues as well, "the game is still loading that's why your character is being snapped back."

Pandamobile1609d ago

How many other games sound like BF4 does? The correct answer is virtually zero. DICE stands alone when it comes to video game sound design, but a trade-off that comes with that is that it takes a long-ass time to load all of those sounds into memory.

If you've ever taken a moment to notice what exactly is going on at the start of a BF4 match, the game essentially starts with the highest priority sound effects. At first you'll hear bootsteps, then vehicles and gunfire, then radio chatter and comms.

It's a simple fix for DICE to implement, I think they just assume that people would rather be in the game 30 seconds sooner.

Rubber banding is a completely different issue. That tends to be driven by network latency and stability.

Detoxx1609d ago

The sound team at DICE has nothing to do with rubber banding. On topic: Frostbite 3 probably has the best sound for a military shooter.

ab5olut10n1609d ago

it was just a joke guy, relax

AgentSmithPS41609d ago

Hey you "sound design" people, I don't like that the 'turbo' sound in some vehicles is so weak that you can't tell if it's on or not by sound alone, especially with all the other noises going on...