Destiny Beta Incoming: What Does Some Of The Community Want

It’s less than 24 hours away before PlayStation gamers get to experience Destiny once again - but this time with more content! Here are a few changes and features the community asked to see in the beta.

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Matt6661609d ago

To get rid of the throwing knife that kills in one hit.

ind1fference1609d ago

To care about it a month after it is released

TheVideoGamHer1609d ago

LMAO! You're such a hipster.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1609d ago

If you want to care about it a month after it is released then get the PS4 version.

ind1fference1609d ago

Not sure how the PS4 version will give the game extra special legs.

TheVideoGamHer1609d ago

I'm just happy I get to play this on my scrubby PS3 lol.

Razputin1609d ago

I'm on the same boat, getting the Destiny PS4 bundle though, so if this game is good and doesn't come out on PC I'll keep playing it on the PS4.

I just want the PS4 for all the exclusives coming out for it.

TheVideoGamHer1609d ago

I'll get a PS4 begrudgingly. I'm literally only getting one for Destiny. My PSTriple is still kicking and has more life to live.

RustEGearz1609d ago

I hope the level cap is beyond 8. I noticed that Deej made it to level 8 in the IGN livestream but he ceased to gain experience upon reaching the level.

JackOfAllBlades1609d ago

Ugh not 8 :'( we need MOAR!

Dolf0451609d ago

I don't mind it being capped at 8, had enough fun with it restricted there in the alpha and leaves more to discover when the game comes out.

They may have got their wish about the level cap for the full release though, was looking at screens on the app and theres a Titan at level 21 in one pic. Think they previously had it capped at 20? Could be from an old build though...

kingdom181609d ago

They'll probably have it capped at 20 until the first new content, I think. OT I think I heard the Beta cap is going to be 10 and this time we start at level 1.

Slick811609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Alpha was boring, hoping the beta draws me in

Shadonic1609d ago

Found it interesting especially when i found those secret cave areas or routes leading to hidden places and the possibility of me getting some rare weapons with encrypted stuff.

Dolf0451609d ago

They really hide some of that stuff well! I played the alpha to death and thought I'd been to every corner, but missed at least one huge area from footage of the alpha afterwards.

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The story is too old to be commented.