So Where Is The Red Dead Redemption Remastered Edition?

JM: Rumors are circling around other remastered editions coming soon like Beyond: Two Souls, but nothing is confirmed yet. With that being said, I think one of the biggest games of the last generation is being overlooked in terms of being remastered. The cowboy shooting-western looting title by RockStar Games that took over 2010, Red Dead Redemption.

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Adexus1463d ago

This just made me sad that there isn't one, deserves it more than GTA V in my opinion.

BiggCMan1462d ago

Honestly I just rather all the master tier devs such as ND and R* focus their resources on new generation hardware.

Sure there's loads of games deserving of such treatment, but I want to see new projects from these guys more so than new paint jobs on older games. Certainly more people would be excited for RDR 2?

spacedelete1462d ago

RDR wasn't even that good. the game world was empty with nothing to do and missions were just fetch quests. the story went nowhere and padded out to 30 hours when it could have finished in about 8 if they wanted to. you want to play RDR buy a last gen console. GTA has way more possibities than just mashin X on a horse for 30 hours.

Nagisa_Rodriguez1463d ago

Red Dead Redemption deserves so much more ;~;

Chrono1462d ago

They should make one for PC/next-gen.

CaptainPunch1463d ago

If I wanted one game on this gen it would be Red Dead, game is amazing.

weirdo1462d ago

pls pls pls make it happen. clearing out graveyards gave me the willies

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The story is too old to be commented.