UK Weekly, 5th July 2014

PS4 9,221 (-5%)
XOne 8,483 (-3%)
3DS 6,962 (-2%)
WiiU 4,302 (+2%)
X360 3,784 (+4%)

Sniper Elite 3 (PS4) 8,147
Watch Dogs (PS4) 7,029
Tomodachi Life (3DS) 6,733
Minecraft (X360) 6,724

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XiSasukeUchiha921d ago

PS4 still got the UK which is still good for competition:)

pedrof93921d ago

Aren't we supposed to see bumps in the X1 sales ? After the price cut ?

ThinkThink921d ago

Yes and we have. This is the difference of 738 units. The gap appears to be closing on the weekly front. Doesn't mean it will close the TOTAL.

NextLevel921d ago

PS4 wins still in the UK, thats crazy considering.

X360 8,882,367
PS3 5,910,740

corvusmd921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

What's not crazy is the fact that since VGCHartz shows PS4 leading X1 in the UK by less than 1,000 ..YOU posted it...and now all the sudden the typical Sony trolls are completely willing to put these numbers in stone. How are your Sony shares doing?

@johndoe the -% just means compared to last week.

@Axios yeah it is good to see Titanfall STILL doing really well all over the world despite how often people keep trying to say that it's dead.

NextLevel921d ago

The FACT the PS4 is leading always in 2 places (US & UK) is crazy. The Xbox 360 absolutely dominated the PS3 in both regions. I don't expect you to understand, you have a hard time differentiating over simple things like resolution and tiers.

its_JEFF921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

What does the Sony shares have to do with PS4 numbers? Do any of the PS guys on here bring up Microsofts failures in their other divisions? Like the Zune, or Surface? Why are you guys defending a GIANT corporation? This is Playstation and Xbox, not Sony and MS. "Argh.. the PS4 is doing well! Let me bash Sony then, Yeah!"

Do you guys realize how it looks like when you guys bring up something that has nothing to do with the topic? It's like some Sony fanboy going to a positive X-1 article and commenting "Windows 8 sucks!"

Why such childish behavior? It's just numbers and TBH those numbers, both PS4 & X1, aren't that impressive. If you're gonna defend anybody, defend the game Devs/Creators not these Large Corporations.

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SpinalRemains138921d ago

Its not Sony trolls.

What you're not being honest about is the fact that this guy and his website's sole purpose is for sales propaganda. That being to cook the MS numbers and ignore a large portion of PS numbers.

So if the sales are so astounding that THIS guy's site can't show Xbox leading, then bet your bottom dollar the gap is at least twice what he is showing!

So are these numbers in stone? Hell no. They're actually much higher.

kratoz1209920d ago

At least Sony's CEO is committed to Playstation unlike XBOX

Chevalier920d ago


Just like you own shares in Microsoft right? Losing by a smaller margin is still losing. But yeah your on this 13 vs. 72 country thing as well. But conveniently forget that Sony launched with 1 million sales with only 2 countries (U.S./Canada) whereas MS only got 1 million because it launched in 13 countries simultaneously. Your one of the most illogical and hypocritical fanboy here, so it's hilarious that your going to call the kettle black.

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Zodiac921d ago

These are all terrible numbers. Hardware and Software.

Axios2921d ago (Edited 920d ago )

TitanFall still at #6 after all this time.

@ CernaML, if that's the case, where is ISS?

johndoe11211921d ago

You have a very very very very seriously disturbing infatuation with titanfall. You need to get that checked.

pedrof93921d ago


Does anyone still plays that ? Seriously ?

Tony-A921d ago

Well, I mean...

What else are you gonna play?


I've had an XBO for almost two months and that's still the only game I have...

CernaML920d ago

Considering there hasnt been any X1 exclusives since its release....

CernaML919d ago

Second son is with the TWO other exclusive games it released with on the PS4.

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