PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets New WIP Screenshot; Main Character is 50,000 Polygons and More

Moscow-based studio Dinosaurum Games just shared some more information and pictures about its 2016-bound PS4 exclusive Without Memory, which will debut with a trailer at GDC Europe in Europe.

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XiSasukeUchiha1188d ago

50000 polygons, crazy amount right there, and this info was worth it thanks:)

FamilyGuy1188d ago

Compared to what?

It's a good amount, definitely not "crazy" though.

LightDiego1188d ago

More polygons than that, just in a math test..

RantandRave1188d ago


You're only saying that because its over 9000!!! lol.

sinjonezp1188d ago

Polygons is a good thing but I think devs should allocate more mapping, bump mapping etc. To make more assets and poly available to the game world. Just an opinion but cool.

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Exari1188d ago


TheRedButterfly1187d ago

Not to be that guy, but Ryse's models were at 85K polygons. (Yes, all 5 of the different models. :P )

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stavrami-mk21188d ago

Less number crunching more workie, chop chop

GusBricker1188d ago

The PS4 is so powerful it's given an animal that doesn't have a beard a beard.

mezati991188d ago

that wolf reminded me of kratos for some reason...

ABizzel11188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )


LMAO, I thought I was the only one who noticed that. I was like well maybe the tail's just awkwardly positioned, since no one else commented on it.

Software_Lover1188d ago

so, we're now talking poly count after just one screenshot? This is gonna be a long generation for the blogs.

MegaRay1188d ago

Look at the bright site. We gonna have ALOT OF FUN counting polys.....

Kurisu1188d ago

I'm interested to see more about this game but I don't want to keep getting WIP screenshots for the next year. Report something when it's actually new news about the game, there's plenty of games to play while we wait in the meantime! :)

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