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Excerpt: "If it isn’t obvious by the above screenshot, there’s some blatant sexism here. And it’s not really the fault of the developers, as this is par for the course for the time in which games like these came out. Though, I do wish they had exercised some restraint here, above all else. However, there’s some pretty crude humor in relation to women. For instance, if you have the sword icon enabled and you click on a woman, a popup says “This is the wrong sword to use on her”, clearly inferring something phallic in nature. Just awful.

You have the option of choosing just text, text & voice, and voice only for conversations. The voicework itself is pretty bad. It’s the actor’s delivery that hurts these recordings, as opposed to being limited by the hardware. The game’s narrator is funny, often providing levity in tough situations.

As retro-inspired or how much the quest for nostalgia goes, modern game design ideas creep up, like achievements and fast travel. Both of which don’t seem out of place in the slightest, and the fast travel especially is welcome."

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