Defining Moments - Mass Effect 3

Continue Play's Oli Zimmerman looks back at Mass Effect 3 and what has come to define the conclusion to Bioware's epic trilogy - its controversial ending.

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Vantage1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

The Mass Effect trilogy is hardly epic. The entire series falls apart after Mass Effect. Mass Effect 2 was more like a spin-off than a sequel, killing the main character so they can reset the story and subvert the previous game. The writers were garbage.

Mithan1611d ago

Disagree. Games were great.

Roccetarius1611d ago

Correction, the first game was great. Both ME2 and ME3 fell apart, while ME2 was the worst offender by being like a spinoff game.

Mithan1611d ago


Disagree. I had more fun with the 2nd and third.

linkenski1611d ago

Killing Shepard felt more like a style-over-substance thing than anything to me and I appreciated the refined gun play evven though the removal of proper inventory management was annoying. From a game-design perspective I love Mass Effect 2. ME 3 is where it fell apart for me. The writing was the worst it had been yet. The two major middle sections were good though (but I despise the save the krogans final mission cuz too much contrived shit) but auto dialogue and lack of interactive control over the order of narrative events ruined it for me. Oh and the ending ruined it for everyone who werent one of those dumb fan girls who didn't know what was going on other than "oh my lovely Garrus doesn't get to see my Shepard again??!"

gamer11381611d ago

Well said. I think too many people get caught up in the ending controversy to actually see the faults with the rest of the game. Auto-Dialogue. For 60 hours we have been the ones choosing what Shepard says and then all of a sudden conversations seemed to happen without our "control." People complained about the planet scanning in 2...well how did you feel about mission scanning? Honestly, a lot of the side missions in 3 were go here, scan that, finish. Whereas in 2 it would be scan that planet, there's something down there, let's take a look and then you got a mission. They ruined the Illusive Man. He was so much better when he was shades of grey rather than outrightly the bad guy and he was only that by default because they removed personality from the Reapers. Remember, in 1 and 2, Reapers spoke to you; Sovereign and Harbinger. Then all of a sudden in 3 they are silent. Obviously this was the writers decision because of the star child. I could go on. I was looking forward to Mass Effect 3 so much. I bought into everything they were saying and there was so much potential for a history making game. A game which looked at what you had done in two previous games and tailored it to you. Sadly Bioware's reached exceeded their grasp and ironically we ended up with the worst game of the 3. As for Mass Effect 4. I just can't seem to care.

Menkyo1611d ago

I blame Bioware and EA. Its no coincidence after they were bought out by EA the games became corporate mass appeal crap.

gamer11381611d ago

Mass Effect 2 is my favourite game of all time. I think the biggest problem with Mass Effect 3 is that Bioware promised too much. We were told the decisions we made in 1 and 2 would drastically affect how 3 played out. Hell, Shepard could die at the end of 2 and then it looked like they were setting up Joker as someone to carry on the mission!

Ultimately Bioware realised they could not make a game that honored this great idea and instead tried to tell a story they felt was the right one. And that is why it failed. They gave gamers so much freedom and the possibility of different outcomes that when they turned around and said this is what happens to Shepard, everyone was like; that's not what my shepard would say or do. They encouraged gamers to take control and ownership over the character of Shepard and the outcome of the mission. To then suddenly take that away is why people had such a problem with 3.

linkenski1611d ago

I remember from the very first game play footage I saw my reaction was "really??" to be honest. Reapers everywhere and an all out war? After ME1 and ME2 you knew 3 would be about the reaper invasion but the way they chose to go about it left me feeling anxious from the get go at e3 2011. Kinda how I'm feeling about Arkham Knight now even though I want it to be as good as City.

Roccetarius1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

The funny thing is, that's exactly what ME2 was. They pretty much ignored what happened in the first game, and made something seperate entirely. Anything after ME1 was made for a different audience, and it's very obvious.

LeoDDestroyer1611d ago

I agree with me2 being more of a spin off. You could play me1 skip 2 and go to 3 without really losing anything to the main story.

If you think about me2 is the cause of 3 problems because it had to do two games and not just one.

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iRocket1611d ago

*sniff* I miss my crew, Garrus, Thane, Liara, everybody. I can't wait for the next Mass Effect game!

Summons751611d ago

I loved the parts when they reminded me of my choices in ME 1&2 then brought everything and one that died. Rachni, Wrex, Kaiden... Then the ending when took in account NONE of my choices at all.

ME3 was a train wreck which is really a shame.