Destiny beta on Xbox One will not be running at 1080p, will reach 1080p by launch

Bungie has confirmed just now in the IGN live stream that the Destiny beta on Xbox One will not be running at 1080p. The game itself at launch will reach 1080p. Bungie’s Community Manager said that ‘there’s always time for improvement.’

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XiSasukeUchiha1613d ago

Hopefully Bungie I have faith in you:)

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bicfitness1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

"There's always time for improvement" =/= "Will assuredly, 100%, be 1080p at launch". Titanfall never got the promised/ teased resolution boost. In fact, nothing about that patch has been mentioned for months now.

What mark (in the video) is the actual quote at? I wouldn't mind listening to what is said, as this paraphrasing is kind of hearsay.

Edit (Article is from March 10th):

"Titanfall Xbox One resolution likely to increase after launch"

KEY word: "likely". Avoid declaring absolutes, so that when nothing materializes, there can be no consequences, as a lie never--technically--occurred. This is basic bait-and-switch people. Still, its funny how easily suckers fall for this PR blather.

hello121613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I played titanfall the other day and screen tearing and frame rate issues have greatly improvement since launch. Games always get updated you know to a better build.

I bet Respawn could have upped the resolution if they wanted, but maybe they can't be bothered this late in the game. Resolution is more of a bigger deal to Sony fans to be honest.

jacksons981612d ago

My sister borrowed a book from me she gifted me for Christmas. I asked for it back and she said "that's my book look it has my name in it." She had actually signed her name in my book. My sister is the most honest person you will ever meet, she would never lie. She truly believes it is her book.
Some people can talk themselves into anything.

NextLevel1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

It has nothing to do with Bungie.

90% of the time the Xbox One hits 1080p in cross gen games, it has framerate issue, tearing or is missing effects present in the PS4 version. Expect Destiny to be no different. It's a system problem, not a developer problem.

Screen tearing in Sniper Elite 3, the most recent 1080p Xbox One game.

turdburgler10801613d ago

So how much does sony pay you to troll?

Dewitt1613d ago

I always enjoy watching you proved wrong. They already confirmed 1080p on both consoles and are improving IQ. Again, this is the exact purpose of a beta.

TheGrimReaper1613d ago

Of course they are improving IQ, but this is not the exact purpose of a beta :/
Stressing your engine with worst case scenarios is easy to test during development without using a beta...

NextLevel1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )


When mentioning the Xbox One's issues with multiplats is trolling, is hardly my fault. Pretty much ALL multiplats on Xbox One that are 1080p have framerate problems or are missing effects like AO or AA for example. The Xbox One beta has problems that weren't present in the PS4's alpha, like framerate problems (with no action going on or other characters to render on screen)


It will be 1080p, again it'll most likely be missing effects. The fact that its not 1080p yet, makes that a high probability. Just cause games say they're 1080p on PS4 and Xbox One, doesn't automatically mean they are completely even on all levels.

Also, beta's are for testing servers. Which is why MP games have them, not SP games. It has nothing to do with resolutions.

lfc_4eva1613d ago


Can't believe I just clicked 'agree' to your post by mistake.

I will drag my bare nuts over broken glass to say sorry to the gods.

Mkai281613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

You're obsessive negativity on anything positive makes you a troll.. I mean one would think that you were a PC gamer that cared for graphics so much. Have you forgotten that games are about fun aswell?

NextLevel + 1h ago
"Everyone I know still waiting for the master chief collection to pick up an Xbox One. November will be the true test. I predict total domination by Xbox One just because of Halo."

It won't. It'll spike sales, then die down.

Things that were suppose to save the Xbox One.

- Titanfall
- DRM reversals
- DX12
- E3 2014
- Dropping Kinect

Now, it's Tier 2 countries, Halo and the cloud.

The cloud was already suppose to save the Xbox One with Watchdogs.

"Xbox One Cloud Processing Gives Watch Dogs City AI More ‘Dynamism’"

It's become a joke and that's why the Xbox One is failing hard and no amount of wishful thinking, pity, overhyping of average games, downplaying of technology or goal post shifting will stop it.

NextLevel + 5h ago

Titanfall is a cross gen game (360 & PC)
Project Spark is a cross gen game (360 & PC)
Halo MCC is Xbox and 360 game.
Forza Horizon is a cross gen game (360)

Just for the record I would view TLOU RE and LBP3 as cross gen games aswell. For the sake of argument is assume it's not. Something like Driveclub embarrassed Forza Horizon 2 and Forza 5 on a technical level.


Forza Horizon 2

Forza 5

and people act like the gap is marginal....

You have this on and on in every positive Xbox article, you need help. It's really not healthy being upset about a piece of plastic. Do you see red when xbox is mentioned, do you have the sudden impulse to rage type and spend hours gathering information on this brand?

Last question, did Xbox touch you inappropriately when you were younger...?

Jo0j1613d ago

"Screen tearing in Sniper Elite 3, the most recent 1080p Xbox One game."

Why do people talk crap? You know you can just go to options and turn on v-sync, right?
You have checked-out the game yourself, instead of relying on secondhand info from the gaf of all places, yes?
I've been playing with it on from the start for over 14 hours on authentic and can't say I've experienced tearing or frame issues either. SMH

NullPointer1613d ago

There is a reason v-synch isn't on by default. It has very serious consequences for framerate (idling until the next v-synch). So, yes, you can entirely eliminate the tearing but your framerate might drop by 20% or more (judging by the tears in that GIF).

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Magicite1613d ago

Just abandon xbox done and come play where greatness awaits, simple.

Kribwalker1613d ago

And waits and waits...PS4, home to delayed games

lfc_4eva1613d ago


Is this game coming to PC?

YEAH!!!!! (sarcasm)

GTgamer1613d ago

@Kribwalker soooooooo your telling me no Xbox games have ever been delayed okayyyyyy then, you make the most educating comments just works of arts see i can say stupid things tooಠ_ಠ.

skeetys1612d ago

Please don't invite the Xbone Live community to PSN. We don't want PSN to turn into the new Live, XBone Live is pure cancer. The community is disgusting and irritating children.

Elit3Nick1612d ago

@skeetys XBL has already improved considerably since the introduction of the new reputation system, I rarely see any trolls and craptalkers.

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ThePope1613d ago

expect for this quote:

"The Xbox One footage of the game will be running at 1080p, but the beta will not be running at the footage quality."

joab7771613d ago

Would b very impressive!

otherZinc1613d ago

1080p native doesn't matter. I'd rather the game have Campaign Co-op, Splitscreen, & Online, so I'd have more replay value.

Halo Master Chief Collection will be 1080p 60fps across 4 games & I don't care about that, as every game played on the XBOX ONE is upscaled to 1080p anyway.

On the Halo Master Chief Collection, what I do care about is the move the move to horizontal splitscreen campaign co-op & online campaign co-op in Halo 2 Anniversary

SCW19821612d ago

Sorry but they have only promised 60 FPS right now they are struggling with 1080p on the halo 2 remake.

JeffGUNZ1612d ago

Dude, at E3 they said it will all be 1080p 60fps.

This was published right after they said it. Unless they have changed their story but I figured we'd all read it here on

VanDamme1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I love this guys style...

iNFAMOUZ11612d ago

faith? never have faith in a traitor

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Neonridr1613d ago

Good to hear. Glad owners of either console will be able to enjoy this game in 1080p.

Yo Mama1613d ago

If they don't have it running in 1080p yet, it's not a given that they will by launch. They are going to try their best though. But even then, it could be upscaled, not native.

lameguy1613d ago

It's quite possible the build used for the beta was forked and stabilized before they were able to integrate in the June XDK to remove Kinect.

mhunterjr1613d ago

Evey sub-1080p game is upscaled to 1080p. These systems only output at 1080p. All of this talk about resolution is about native resolution.

GUTZnPAPERCUTZ1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

? They stated native, Both systems automatically upscale to 1080p silly. The "June" SDK just came out at the end of last month for devs. The Beta Build was probably 90% complete before that.
This is Bungie, if they say they are going to do something... they will deliver.

MonstaTruk1613d ago

That's a NEGATIVE. BF4 is the ONLY game that upscaled to 1080p on PS4. That's not something we're about, during the 8th gen... ;-)

Bigpappy1613d ago

The glasses do make you look smart, but your comment proves otherwise. All games on X1 that are below 1080p are unscaled to 1080p. You started sounding like you may be a programmer, but then you had to go reveal your knowledge... or lack there of.

lfc_4eva1612d ago

Didn't MS say the upscalar chip in the XB1 was a real state of the art piece of hardware?

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user74029311613d ago

whats the catch in getting it to run 1080p on xbox one? i KNOW there is a catch somewhere.

bicfitness1613d ago

No AA, worse depth-of-field, artifacting, muddy textures, lower shadow mapping, judder, screen-tear. The possibilities are endless. Did you check out the Sniper Face Off?

ThinkThink1613d ago

Yeah all that stuff, but in reality, you won't notice the difference.

_LarZen_1613d ago

It will be at the expense of some visual effects that the PS4 will have the resources to show.

snookiegamer1613d ago


Well, I LMAO everytime I read 'PS4 fans' are the ones making a big deal out of everything Xbox One???

That seems to be the new thing...Blame PS4 owners for every perceived failure that arises with their console.

Yup, sure it all our fault. Perhaps we should have designed a better console for you all to play on? ;/

JeffGUNZ1612d ago

huh? You make video gaming like nazi germany. Like we HAVE to buy a certain console. You can buy whichever you prefer. It's just ironic the same PS4 fanboys have to come in and repeat the same thing over and over again in every article. I'll get a PS4 when ND comes out with a game that isn't just a remaster I already beat 10 months ago on my PS3.

SteamPowered1613d ago

I dunno....will they really hit 1080p though? Launch is right around the corner. You would think Beta would be 1080 since it is so close to launch, no?

jackanderson19851613d ago

not necessarily the Beta is probably a good bit old now code wise, they'd have been continuously working on it since.... 1080p would be nice but if it's at the sacrifice of framerates I'd rather em lower it to 900p or whatever