Raids Will Not Be Available in the Destiny Beta

GoodGameBro writes, "On July 17th, the Destiny beta will be available for Playstation owners. While we now know a good bit of the content that’ll be available in the beta, fans have still been waiting confirmation on a few items."

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SuperBlunt1612d ago

Ah bastard, it will still be good though

fenome1612d ago

There wiil be Strikes though, which is pretty much a 3 player raid, they even had one in the Alpha. The Devils Lair was an awesome Strike mission, it was a lot longer and harder than I thought it would be. Can't wait to see what they put in the Beta.

Raids are end-game content that you take on with 6 player squads and everybody should be pretty maxed out to even consider trying them, of course they won't be in the beta.

SuperBlunt1612d ago

I played the alpha, strikes also have the legend setting I believe which raises it from a level 6 to level 8 raid. Raids are gonna be sick though

weazle1612d ago

I expected that. Most people that have lives probably wouldn't be able to rank up enough in the short time the beta is out to do raids anyway. It's good to have something more to look forward to in September when it releases.