Vivendi Considered Firing Activision’s Kotick Over Buyout

Activision Blizzard Inc. Chief Executive Officer Robert Kotick faced firing over his demand that he lead a group helping to buy out most of Vivendi SA (VIV)’s stake in the video-game company he ran, according court filings.

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ssjkiet1585d ago

You seriously have too much free time to be at every hot topic man...

Vantage1585d ago

You live in a land of make believe if you think it's difficult or time consuming to leave posts on the Internet.

Utalkin2me1585d ago

You live in a land of make beleive if you dont think it takes time to post first in articles that update every 10 mins or so.

pompombrum1585d ago

That's too bad, this place would have exploded in laughter if he did get fired.

badz1491585d ago

I'm laughing so hard right now LOL! Try to imagine what Bobby Kotex comments will be like. Could be golden!

Volkama1585d ago

Fingers crossed that somehow it still happens one day. Soon.

diesoft1585d ago

"Capron added in his e-mail that Kotick’s public image was “very strong.”"

lol, what?

Parasyte1585d ago

"Very Strong" in a negative way maybe.

pompombrum1585d ago

Maybe he meant strong as in when something smells really bad, people say "what's that strong smell?"

diesoft1585d ago

I guess he is a massive douche and major piece of s**t, also described as an "as**ole" so this theory is plausible.