The Genius of Red Dead Redemption

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): It’s rare when a video game defines its own genre or sub genre. If we ask you to name the definitive zombie game, for example, you might say Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil or DayZ. First person shooter? Take your pick, with Halo, Call of Duty or a number of quality candidates on deck.

Greatest open world game? That’s up for debate, but narrow it down to western-themed games and there’s only one answer, Red Dead Redemption. Activision’s Gun made its mark almost a decade ago, but it’ll never eclipse Rockstar’s tremendous and critically acclaimed effort. You don’t play the game as much as you get lost in its meticulously crafted world. It’s arguably the greatest game from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 generation, and the reasons are obvious.

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ATi_Elite1584d ago

Greatest open world game? That’s up for debate

NO it is NOT up for debate!

Consoles: GTA San Andreas hands down!
PC: Stalker Call of Pripyat or DayZ or Eve Online

YES RDR is an awesome open world game but I haveGTA:SA and Stalker Call of Pripyat way ahead of it.

Way too much to do, way too much entertainment without even talking to one person or doing any missions.