The Last Of Us: Remastered is the First PS4 System Seller

One could make the argument that an upgraded PS3 game is the first true-blue AAA system-seller for Sony's new console.

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user74029311612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I disagree, Infamous Second Son is what i would call the first system seller. But for me what really sold me (besides knowing sony delivers the goods,the amazing studios, superiour multiplats. better hardware ect.) is the fact that i get to play planetside 2 (i dont have a powerful pc) and it looks stunning. let alone driveclub which blew me away.

Future_20151612d ago

Infamous was such a disappointment when i got it day 1, the game was just dull and boring after a few hours and i put it down. i don't think a game that has come out less then a year ago that releases again would be a system seller, use some common sense

morganfell1611d ago

Your comment history and PC Master Race mentality mean nothing you say about any console from any manufacturer can be seriously.

stavrami-mk21611d ago

Relax man your medal and crown is in the post :-/

christian hour1611d ago

Hi Future, you keep doing your thing man, I'll go grab my popcorn :)



Master-H1611d ago

Here's a selfie of Future with his medal and glorious 108p nonetheless...

stavrami-mk21611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

@Christian I'm gonna run in into the middle of next week. I'm having a mind block on new material :-/
@master Lol

objdadon1611d ago

That was my first thought also after playing the first few hours of second son. But it just kept getting better and better after gaining more powers and i had a blast! I never was into imfamous but I can see myself getting the next one after playing this one.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1611d ago

Usually I would agree that a game that is being re-released isn't a system seller but TLOU might be the exception, this is no ordinary remastered game.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1611d ago

I'm getting pretty tired of all these ports of last gen games, it seems like every game is getting ported to current gen, and it's stupid, They need to make new games, that just shows how weak this gen has been so far.

The Last of Us is the only game that deserves being remastered, everyone else doing it is just stupid, not all games are The Last of Us, that game was a masterpiece.

Army_of_Darkness1611d ago

Hahahah! It's always entertaining to see morganfell put haters in their place;-)

Maybe he's just hating on the fact that TLOU has been annihilating every hot article on n4g for the second time running lol

FamilyGuy1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

It's crazy how this remaster is overshadowing every other topic on this site. We have the Destiny Beta starting up tomorrow and all everyone is focused on is The Last of Us. It's definitely going to be a system seller but "the first"? I'd argue that the PS4 itself is its own system seller. You buy one and just know greatness is inevitable.

Sony has a history of releasing great games.

Meltic1611d ago

Dont be so harsh. Infamous was great. Graphic was the best but story did lack abit. Still deserves a 8/10 rate. So dont call it dull.

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XiSasukeUchiha1612d ago

Many system selling games on PS4 my friend.

lifeisgamesok1612d ago

Many PS4 owners say Infamous was very boring and multiplats aren't that much different

This game could be a system seller to those that didn't play the PS3 version but it really doesn't look too much better than the original

GarrusVakarian1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

LMAO, more downplaying! Man, are you getting paid for this?

"Many"...meaning a few you saw on the internet, compared to the millions that played it? Lmao, you're such a fraud. Infamous was great, one of my favourite games so far this gen.

Also, many others think it's great why don't i see you mentioning how many people enjoyed the game? Why are you only mentioning the people that found it boring? DAT BIAS. Just like i said, you're a fraud.

Hey, also, didn't you say Ryse was excellent a few months back? LMAO!

STOP DOWNPLAYING THIS GAME. All you're doing is showing how much this game's success and attention bothers you, if it didn't bother you, then you simply wouldn't bother entering these articles...let alone commenting, lol. Whatever it is that you think you're accomplishing by downplaying this game, it's not working. You might as well focus your efforts elsewhere.

XD. This is too funny.

ziggurcat1611d ago


i'd ask you to provide proof of your conjecture, but you can't... nor would you.

mcarsehat1611d ago


A lot of the comments are going to be bias, just look at the one at the top :O

I didn't really like Infamous: Second Son, it had more Tropes than Pacific Rim and the Graphics seemed to be top priority, it did bore me but i can't say it wasn't a system seller-ish.

A system selling game should only be judged by it's intended audience. Destiny will be the first full system seller for both consoles because of it's fanbase.

thehitman1611d ago

I have and beat infamous and it was quite fun... with that said TLOU is not the first system seller as the system would sell itself fine w/o it. TLOU is just a nice reward for being a first year adopter.

bigbic1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )


PS4 owners rave about Infamous, what the crap are you even talking about?

TLoU looks a lot better than the original from what I have seen, and that wasn't even gameplay. It was game of gen for many and people will be wanting to get their hands on it again, or for the first time... system seller.

Revengeance1611d ago

Wow so now you're going to make S**t up now? I'm guessing you ran out of excuses to make?

christian hour1611d ago

While lifeisgamesok is one of the biggest trolls around here, I will say second son was a great graphical powerhouse with fun gameplay but it did have two things that infamous 1 did better. The powers seemed more varied despite being only one power, and the story in the first trumps the storys in 2 and second son combined.

That's not to say it wasnt a great game or a system seller. Just it's not without its faults. I'm sure the next outing will be a lot more giving on the story side of things.

lifeisgamesok if you really believed in your name, then you wouldn't be dismissing games simply because they're not on your platform of choice. Unless you're a videogame bigot ;0;

ger23961611d ago

How "many" ps4 owners have said that? Also a trip to the optometrist wouldn't be a waste of your time.

Saito1611d ago

One word. Fear. You have it

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showtimefolks1611d ago

As someone who has already played it and planning to buy it again day one, i don't think a remake should ever be considered a system seller. Now look there are people who will buy TLOU Bundle,Halo collection Bundle,GTA5 etc,

But nonetheless TLOU will be even more amazing on ps4 and no amount of damage control by xbox defense force will make it any less amazing.


While future is a pc fanboy no doubt, as a fellow ps4 owner i was super duper disappointed by infamous second son. Yes it looks amazing(possibly the best looking next gen game to date) but that does change the fact it was boring/dull and not a lot of content. How come a open world game come with a 10 hour story when infamous 1-2 both had 15-20 hours

I believe it was rushed to show the power of ps4

its quite funny that 2 games that were suppose to be all that both ended up being under whelming.(infamous and titanfall)

FamilyGuy1611d ago

The PS4 itself is already its own system seller.
It sells itself based on features, specs, a healthy list of game developer support and a history of long lasting support and amazing first party titles.

I'm sure TLOU will help shift some systems but the console is doing great regardless.

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badboyz091612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Title Should say on Both Platforms.

Silly gameAr1612d ago

What a ridiculous article.

Neonridr1612d ago

I thought Killzone was supposed to be the system seller? Then it was Infamous? Now it's suddenly TLOU, a game which won't sell anywhere near what it did on the PS3.

I understand there are a lot of new Sony owners with the PS4 (I am one of them). But I am sure there are tons of people who played and beat this game on PS3 who are just as content to not buy the PS4 version. Some will, no doubt. But to say that an HD remake of a game that isn't even a year old yet is going to be the game to sell PS4's is a little mind boggling.

Eddie201011612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Guess what it's the best selling next gen console in every country it's available in (except for Japan for the moment)and selling faster than any other console ever available, so PS4 with it's great hardware and games is the system seller.

The sells number are the proof.

Neonridr1611d ago

what does that have anything to do with my comment?

ginsunuva1611d ago

Last gen:
Sales numbers don't mean anything, xbots.

We are winning ps4 race selling most consoles = automatically best thing ever WHOOOOO!!!

mcarsehat1611d ago

They just don't sell as many systems as people think, this one won't and it will be Driveclub next. Systems won't sell until the TRUE NEXT GEN games come out like AC: Unity.

InTheLab1611d ago

I thought the same thing about Zelda HD last year on the WiiU when N fans were calling it a system seller.

Feel the same way about the Master Chief collection.

Yodagamer1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Honestly being able to play halo 1's multiplayer online for the first time on consoles and halo 2's multiplayer returning for the first time in years. That might sell quite a few consoles to halo fans or anybody who wants to get onboard with the halo games.

I think last of us might sell some consoles to people who own the xbox 360 who didn't want to buy the ps3 late in the 7th generation and have been eyeing the ps4.

christian hour1611d ago

You do know that multiple titles can sell systems? And also it's usually the press that use the term "system seller". The fault lies on them and you when you believe them and the game fails to shift consoles.

Saito1611d ago

You're misinformed in every direction. Tlou is a year old actually. It's the little things that counts. Educate yourself.

Neonridr1611d ago

forgive me, it's been out for a year and a month. My point still stands, a game from last year doesn't need to be remastered.

nycgamer4ever1611d ago

what the heck r you talking about. Technically If just 1 person buy a console because of a game then that game is a system seller in that it sold a system. Haters are really losing brain cells every time they post.

Why can't multiple games be system sellers on a console? Why must it be only one game. Makes no sense. Not everyone likes the same game so if you are relying on just one game, or two or ever three to sell your system it will fail.

One would only have to visit the numerous threads on forums regarding TLOU to know the remaster will sell good. Keep on talking like your opinion is fact and sooner or later no one will want to discuss anything with you.

How the fuck you have so many bubbles is beyond me. this site doesn't make any sense.

Neonridr1611d ago

I gained all those bubbles when I bought a PS4 back in November and started talking about how much fun I was having playing it. Go figure eh?

I understand that multiple games can sell consoles, but I seem to remember everyone jumping on Nintendo when Mario 3D World was deemed a system seller, or Mario Kart 8, or Smash Brothers, or Zelda.. see my point? It can't be alright to make fun of Nintendo fans for saying those things but when Sony tries to do the same, not face the same judgements.

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patrik231612d ago

why should PS4 have system sellers when is raping competition without them?

ginsunuva1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

People bought ps4s with the trust that system sellers will come in the near future.

The ps3 was the ps4's system seller.

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