The Last of Us Remastered Devs Discuss Making 60fps the New Standard in Games

We try out the Last of Us Remastered edition and talk with the developers about what makes this version of the game different (besides the graphics).

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user74029311612d ago

I would rather have 1080p 30fps with more intent being pushed on graphics then just have 60fps for the hell of it.

It depends on the game also, some games benefit more than others with 60fps such as shooters.

Insomnia_841612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Which is why some devs now give you the option to lock the frame rate at 30 or 60. I'm going 60 all the way!

starchild1611d ago

Yeah, but you never get back the graphics that were given up in pursuit of a higher frame rate. I mean, sure, you can cap the framerate at 30fps, but it's still going to have lesser graphics than it would if they weren't targeting 60fps.

Doubling the framerate literally requires twice the performance from the hardware. It's like having half as powerful a console to work with. It's a dramatic difference.

I'm sure extremely talented developers like Naughty Dog can make a game that runs at 60fps and still looks better than most other games, but this isn't true for the vast majority of developers. If we push for 60fps in every game we will be doing it at the cost of better visuals, AI, physics, etc.

I_am_Batman1612d ago

I completely agree. 30fps (and I mean a rock solid 30fps) is enough for most type of games imo. Even for shooters I'd prefer 30fps for the single player so that the additional recources can be used to enhance the immersion. When it comes to multiplayer on the other hand I honestly don't care about the visuals all that much and I definately prefer 60fps especially because you always have latency through the ping already.

Fighting and racing games also benefit from 60fps. Generally speaking I'd say devs should go for 60fps when the gameplay is most important and for 30fps when storytelling, atmosphere and immersion is most important.

starchild1611d ago

Well said. I fully agree. This is the right approach for games on consoles.

On PC you can always just throw more hardware at it and get the framerate you want. So the PC is an option for anybody that wants 60fps in all their games. But pushing for 60fps in every console game doesn't make sense.

I like 60fps, but it isn't the end-all-be-all.
It isn't always worth the trade off.

Rob_Ko1612d ago

I agree, you need to sacrifice a lot to push for stady 60 fps, and I prefer better looking ones in 30.(and I mean true 30, not games where it's below it)

Future_20151612d ago

I thought all you console dudes care so much about gameplay and not graphics so why would you not want your games 60fps lol console logic arguments

1612d ago
starchild1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I love gaming at 60fps and resolutions at 1080p or above, but what I can't figure out is why some PC gamers like you want that as a standard for the consoles. I mean, that really makes me scratch my head.

Basically any generation of hardware can do 1080p and 60fps. It's not like you get to a certain level of hardware performance and then you magically get 60fps in every game. It's always going to be a matter of trade-offs. To achieve high resolutions and framerates means that there will be less graphical performance to work with to push graphics in other areas.

So, as PC gamers, don't we want graphics to be pushed as far as possible on the consoles? If graphics are pushed farther on the consoles then that means they will likewise be pushed farther on the PC and while consoles might be stuck at 30fps and 900p or whatever we can run those same games at 1080p+ and 60fps+. Isn't that the ideal situation?

Vegamyster1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

There is very few games that don't really benefit from a higher frame like Heavy Rain, Beyond or turn based games, everything else whether it be racing, shooters, 3rd person, Fighting, open world games definitely makes the experience more enjoyable, try playing Dark Souls at 30 fps then play it at 60.

The way i look at it is all 3 consoles can make games look gorgeous and run at a locked 60 fps. Battlefield 4 on the PS4/Xone for example both use HBAO which uses about 10-20 fps on the PC version, while it's a nice graphical touch the difference it makes to the visuals is not worth the performance drop, same goes for TressFX in Tombraider.

LocutusEstBorg1612d ago

Everything benefeits from 120 fps. 30 fps is just garbage.

EXVirtual1612d ago

I prefer awesome graphics and effects at 30fps as well... For some games.
ARPGs and open world games are good at 30fps as it is. For 2D fighters and FPS' 60 is preferable.

DLConspiracy1612d ago

I think the real point to be made is they praise 60fps yet haven't shown us any real gameplay yet. Faster frame rate is always great. So is gameplay. Why not show us?

Clogmaster1612d ago

We don't know why they haven't shown us. But I doubt that they're hiding anything.

DLConspiracy1612d ago


Never said they were hiding it.

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XiSasukeUchiha1612d ago

60fps gaming has its advantages Sony!

LamerTamer1611d ago

Also it's disadvantages. Since you need to render twice as many frames in a second all other graphics will be downgraded. It is math, you can only do so much and the PS4 has no Titan Z in it.

So to get 60 FPS you give up many effects like AA, lighting, particles, Shadow resolution, Texture resolution, draw distance, etc. To me for Single player games 60 FPS is NOT worth it. I would much rather have 30 FPS and better graphics. I can see 60 FPS with the needed graphics downgrade for online MP shooters, Racers, and fighting games but that is about it.

KionicWarlord2221612d ago

60 fps will be standard on ps4....for indie games. Dont hold your breath folks for all games being 60 fps. Let`s all not forget ufc alone is 30 fps.

Adexus1612d ago

UFC is 30fps and it couldn't even reach 1080p on either console... I'll put that down to EA dropping the ball on that though.

KionicWarlord2221612d ago

It most likely has to do with MSAA which was used in UFC.

Power just isn't there. Just look at the order 1866 its 30 fps.

Corpser1612d ago

Games that won't be 60fps: drive club, the order, bloodborne, witcher 3, the division, the crew...

Future_20151612d ago

wither 3, the division and the crew will be 60fps or higher on pc and the option of higher resolution and graphical presets and settings to choose from

CloudyAero1612d ago

What exactly does 60 FPS do though.
I don't own a high rig laptop or anything of that nature. So throw some games at me to help me with it.
Skyrim on the consoles was 30 FPS?
You guys got a video of it running 60FPS so I could see?

uth111612d ago

60fps is over-rated as far as I'm concerned.

Maybe it helps fast-paced games like shooters or racers, but I find 30fps perfectly playable.

If I had a choice between 60fps or 30 with better resolution/visuals, I'd go with 30.

pwnsause_returns1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Game is smooth as butter.

Dmc (ewww) was at 30fps. MGS:rising ran at 60fps.

For hack and slash games, 60fps is the holy grail. IF you played both games, you would see how much faster and smoother rising was.

I remembered in the ps3s early life cycle when madden games where running at 30fps while it's 360 counterpart was running at was bad for the ps3, Sony had to talk some sense to EA during those days.

Not all games need 60fps though, but for some genres it's a damn requirement, like the fighting game genre. Imagine playing sfiv at 30fps...that would be...catastrophic...

COD Will look worse than any other generic shooter if it ran at 30fps...

pwnsause_returns1612d ago

If you played the last of us on ps3, and still have that copy, and decide to play the ps4 version, give yourself a chance to connect both your ps3 and ps4 on the same tv and make the comparison. You'll see a big difference.

Vegamyster1612d ago

60 fps improves the fluidity of the image which in turn makes the game easier to control as you see less blur.

Dark Souls 2

60 fps -

Same video but Youtube locks it to 30.

30 fps -

CloudyAero1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Thank you for providing, and not bashing me for asking a question. I can see the difference now.

SliceOfTruth8881612d ago

I still disagree about the 60fps movement going on...granted 60fps on fps are amazing but when the cutscenes hit ugh i hate it. The last of us looks amazing but it also looks weird to me. Its like when you watch a movie or tv show on a tv and it looks like a soap opera i cant stand it. 60fps all the time is not a future i look forward to....30 fps cutscenes and 60 fps gameplay i am for

Ultr1612d ago

Though I really liked the hobbit2 with 60fps. Thought it was amazing.
But 30is perfectly playable.

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