New NHL 15 Trailer Gets Physical with True Hockey Physics

GoodGameBro writes, "Since the very first feature point on the EA SPORTS NHL 15 title site is “12 Player NHL Collision Physics,” it was only a matter of time before the company would decide to whet the appetites of hockey video gamers everywhere and release a trailer showing some of those physics in action. Today is that day, and the trailer above gives us our first look at how the in-game physics work now that the popular hockey franchise has made the leap to Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One."

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HyperBear1616d ago

Oh Boy....Really can't wait for September 9th, I need my NHL 15 fix right now!!! Looks Amazing :D

3-4-51616d ago

They pretty much been making really good NHL games since NHL 09.

younglj011616d ago

Wow I haven't played an NHL game in ages and I think this will be my next hockey game...

johny51616d ago

Will this also have EA's Fight Night Physics for when things get....rough?

JeffGUNZ1616d ago

I can't wait for this game. I have been itching for a next gen. NHL game.

SkippyPaccino1616d ago

I know! I can't believe EA thought investing in a next Gen basketball game was a better idea then having a next Gen hockey game... NHL is probably one of the only bright spot at ea and they keep hiding them in the basement like they are a shamed they make hockey games.

JeffGUNZ1616d ago

First off, amazing dog profile pic. Real men represent their pups!

Second, agreed. I am kinda glad though, I didn't want them to force a cross gen version and have it be eh. They seemed to use the extra time to create an amazing game. I really can't wait to play it.

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