Destiny Beta Hands-On Impressions

IGN: "We dove into the deep end of Bungie's space-pool. Here's what we think"

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Dwalls11711610d ago

Simply put its incredible . .
The Alpha was freaking amazing . . and it was an Alpha!!!!

joab7771609d ago

Yep! Its one of those games that you have always wanted and now its here. I remember years ago saying what if they made a real mmofpsrpg by mixing an mmo structure with great fps action? Well, Bungie did. I always thought Mass Effect would do it in 3rd person first simply b/c the universe lends itself to mmo gameplay and the shooter/power plausible would be amazing.

Anyway, the only thing I want, even if its simple is a chat box. Even if its simply shouting to nearby players. Today I was grouped with a few players and there was no real way to communicate. It would be cool to meet ppl, talk to them and so on. It would add a ton to the experience and longevity.

Si-Fly1609d ago

Just invite them into your Fireteam and chat away.

Palitera1609d ago

I still dont see the 'great fps action'. Probably due to the worst aim assist I've seen on an AAA game, which sticks OUTSIDE of the target and there's no way to disable it...

Uncharted 3 had terrible aim assist on release and it was fixed by a patch, so there's hope. I just worry that the extreme hype about this game will drown the valid criticisms that should come from the beta.

That being said, I have been playing it for 4 hours already, so bad is something that it is not. Lootporn always have a special place in my heart.

Letthewookiewin1609d ago

Just played the beta for about two hours and probably wouldn't have stopped but have to go to work in the morning. Great game. Can not wait for September now.

gusgusjr1609d ago

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mrmack001609d ago

I'm diggin it!I suck at crucible, though, so it's gonna be tough to unlock those sweet pieces armor and weapons

m1armor1609d ago

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