Amazon to launch own brand games accessories this year

Amazon has confirmed it will launch its first "new and exclusive" gaming accessories later this year.

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JBSleek1465d ago

Amazon dabbles with all different businesses.

wannabe gamer1464d ago

rebranded madcats controllers

n4gusername1464d ago

$75 scuf type controllers would indeed be nice.

azricf1464d ago

Give me good prices and I'm down. They build quality hardware, so I see no problems with this.

Milesprowers1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Do the sensible thing and boycott Amazon, It's a purely
Money grabbing Micro purchasing driven piece of crap.

Amazon also locks out Android/Google Play forcing you to use Amazon marketplace and blocks you from manually installing APK, thy even block the use of installing Android operating systems.