The Last of Us: Remastered PS4 Multiplayer Censored in Europe, Images From Spanish Event & More

Sony has just confirmed via comment section of Playstation Blog that The Last of Us: Remastered multiplayer is censored in all European countries, just like the original Playstation 3 game was. This means there won't be any gore in The Last of Us: Remastered for Playstation 4.

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GarrusVakarian1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

So just because of those strict German laws, the rest of us (lol) misses out on realistic gore in MP? That SUCKS.

*Shakes fist at Germany*

Yi-Long1615d ago

Absolutely ridiculous, lazy, and detestable.

The censorship in the PS3 version was pretty much THE reason why I never picked it up. Was really forward to playing the PS4 version, but I won't buy a censored game. Will probably end up buying it in Hong Kong if they have the USA version.

This is crazy, to butcher the game for ALL European gamers only because of some strict Germans.

There should be customer laws implemented to force publishers to put a sticker on the box whenever a product (CD, DVD, book, videogame, etc) is cut, censored, butchered, altered in any way, so you know what you're buying.

As a European gamer, you might read/watch a couple of reviews online, and they'll be reviewing the American release, yet when you go into the store and buy it, that won't be the same as the version they reviewed. It should be made much more clear that you're buying something that's NOT the version as it was originally intended.

I really hoped they wouldn't make the same mistake twice. They did.

I hate censorship. I hate self-censorship even more.

harrisk9541614d ago


I live in the U.S., so I have no dog in the fight, other than to say chalk one in the victor column for the U.S. Constitution and freedom of speech.

But, honestly, as stupid and archaic as the law sounds, ultimately you are missing out on a fantastic experience and one of the greatest story-driven games ever made. Additionally, the censorship is not due to the developers actions and you are penalizing Naughty Dog by not picking it up. The fact of the matter is that the law seems to only affect multiplayer content anyway. While multiplayer is great in the game, the core of the game is single player and that is the reason that people played TLOU and why it won so many game of the year awards. So, you are just losing out if you are using this reason for not playing what is one of the defining experiences in modern video gaming. Honestly, censorship aside, is it really all that important for you to see gore? If it is, why not import it? Either way, you should not miss out on TLOU.

wsoutlaw871614d ago

@Yi i get your frustration because i would be too but its not like they are putting a big black bar over the screen. If they never included the gore in the first place it would matter but just because a different version has it then you wont buy it? Although it is good to let them know your disappointment and maybe they could patch the game for nongerman ps4s (doubt it).

@harrisk954 lol go USA

imt5581615d ago

Well, at least players can create US acc. and buy game on US store.

Yi-Long1615d ago

So now I have to jump through a bunch of hoops because THEY are too lazy to simply release the game uncensored in the rest of Europe!?

Patrick_pk441614d ago

You can import the game from North America, since games aren't region locked.

svoulis1614d ago


Jump through hoops? really its quite simple to make a different regional account.

You' literally said they are too lazy to simply release the game uncensored in the rest of Europe, thinking its probably that easy...

Yet you are too lazy to take 10 minutes to make a US account to play the game the way you want to.

Who is the lazy one here...really?

wsoutlaw871614d ago

Ya it isnt simple to make different copies and shipments with all the european rules. Releasing anything over eu is hard enough.

Yi-Long1614d ago

@Svoulis: I already have a US account, but now I would need to go out of my way to set that up with a payment-option, which means either buying some US-money online to put on my USA account, or set up some fake pay-pal crap and somehow link that to my existing credit card, etc etc.

Either way, instead of just clicking the 'buy', and 'are you sure?' buttons, or just walk to a local store and get it, I do have to jump through several hoops to simply be able to buy the version that should have been released here from the get-go: The uncensored version.

And don't give me that crap about it being difficult to release different versions within the EU. Germany always had this kind of ridiculous censorship, yet the other countries most of the time (95% or something) do get uncensored versions!

This is just laziness and disrespect from Naughty Dog to all their European fans.

svoulis1614d ago

@ Yi-Long now useable on PSN so there is your solution right there. You are making it out to be way worse than it actually is, as others have said buy a US copy since the console isn't region locked if you're that upset about it.

So the hoops you need to jump through are..

Making a paypal account at this point.

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Benjammin251615d ago

Yeah but it's understandable. The Germans have always hated violence. As we all know, the Germans have never been, and never will be, a violent country. ;)

M1ST4K31614d ago

You know... They needed that to kinda "clean" their image towards the rest of europe, IMO.

Anyway, they are perfectly allowed to be restricted... But other countries don't have to be blindfold because of their "fears".

CloudyAero1615d ago

Hey, be a little nicer to the World Cup champions. *winks* haha

MasterCornholio1615d ago

I live in Spain where almost nothing is censored and it pisses me off.

Seriously what's the difference between watching Saw uncensored and this?

Ones a game the other is a movie but its just as violent.

Septic1615d ago

Saw is a lot more violent. Video games rarely come close to some of the scenes you have in gory movies.

It makes censorship like this all the more annoying.

TheGreatAndPowerful1615d ago

step 1. create a U.S. account

step 2. buy prepaid PSN cards

step 3. buy the 'MERICAN version of the LOU

step 4. enjoy the disgusting and brutal carnage that the LOU has to offer.

Palitera1615d ago

Cheaper alternative: through PayPal.

If you live outside US, you can:
1. Create an US PS account.
2. With the same address, create a secondary PayPal account.
3. With your first and real PayPal account send money to this new secondary account. For every 54 dollars you'll be charged about 3 for the transfer.
4. Log into the PSN and add funds using t the PS wallet using the secondary account.

Why? Because you need to use the same address in the PS and the PayPal account for Sony to accept using it. And if you only change the address of your first payPal account, PayPal won't let you use your credit card...


Another method, costless: through Amazon instant digital delivery.

Despite only sending the code through email, they only do it for residents in the US. You can put a fake address using the first 5 digits of your ZIP code and voilá.

I never did this, but a neighbor does a lot.

Palitera1615d ago

Oh, for the 2nd method, you need an international credit card.

Mainman1615d ago

Guys, if I buy the US version, will I be stuck only playing mp against Americans? (I'm from EU myself). In other words are the servers region locked or world-wide?

I prefer less lag over gore tbh.

pompombrum1614d ago

I'm from the UK and can't say I experienced any problems or noticeable lag playing with my Canadian friend on the PS3 version.

Mainman1614d ago

@ aiBreeze
And you got an EU version of TLOU?

Darkstares1614d ago

Shake your fist at Sony, other games censored in Germany weren't in other parts of Europe.

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-Foxtrot1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Are they taking the p***, why have they screwed us yet again. How can you make everyone outside of Germany in Europe suffer because of their stupid laws. This is why i want the UK out of Europe, means we don't have to suffer because of other laws.

Seems a tad lazy in my opinion

iamnsuperman1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

This has nothing to do with European law but German law. Shipping different versions is expensive when some countries are notoriously strict. So the whole of Europe gets shafted. It is sad but it isn't a massive deal (see south park)

Also a side point but if we weren't apart of the EU expect the price of products like these to go up. Despite living under some laws dictated by Brussels we get a good deal at the end of it. The no shipping tax (you know import/export) within the EU is a godsend to businesses and consumers alike

Hk85karlsson1615d ago

There´s always two sides of every story.
Everybody wouldn´t agree on being pro-EU.

extermin8or1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Tbf if uk was out of eu they might well have to ship it from a different locarion to rhe eu copies and as such ir might mean this doesnt happen. The prices are unlikwly to change because if you havent noticed THEY always mark up the uk price vs what it would be with tax and the conversion rates. Plus im pretty sure one of the main blu ray distribution places is in the uk and they ship an awful lot of copies out of uk to holland where they meet up with all the other batches from the various other locations for the rest of eu.... so either they'd continue using that for uk or they would open one such place to avoid such taxes. Or agreements with places like canada would mean uk version comes fron over there...

iiTehDroiD1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Lol this has nothing to do with the EU (I guess and hope you didn't mean the continent Europe). All other publishers release a special german cut version for their games (in case it needs to be censored). The other European Countries are not affected by that. It's only Sony (as far as I know) who is doing that. As a German I always buy the UK or AT edition because this laws are extremely stupid. If I am an adult I can decide for myself what I play or watch!

Darkstares1614d ago

This is true, other games released outside of Germany didn't get censored. This all lies with Sony, they can release it uncensored in other countries in Europe if they wanted to.

1nsomniac1615d ago

That's exactly what it is, laziness & greed. ND seem to have had their biggest success yet & with that started to come out of their shell.

They've clearly damaged their image & their customer fan base with this release. I wonder if this has anything to do with why so many are leaving ND & the recent comments of working conditions..

Palitera1615d ago

Don't you think this is more an publisher's issue, rather than developer's?

extermin8or1614d ago

They did this for the original copy before ir was a success... its hardly a najor thing god its annoying but...

Doge1615d ago

Welp. Looks like it's the US digital version for me.

JackVagina1615d ago

Comparison GIF for anyone wondering how far its censored

skulz71615d ago

I know I sound dumb but which one is which. They both seem gory. The left one has blood squirting out though so I am guessing the left one is PS3? (this is not an insult to the graphics, I generally don't know which one is which, I never played it originally xD)

Adexus1615d ago

They're both PS3, it's just a comparison on the censorship level.

Left one just has blood splatter while the right one he has no face left.

JackVagina1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

The gif was a bit low quality to see but it was the only one i could find, but the right his head gets blown off, and the left it doesn't (BOTH are PS3 btw) (comparison) (US version) (US version) (US version)

EU has none of that^

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