Kinect gaming "was and is a great ambition", says Frontier's David Braben

Save for Rare Ltd, no other developer has thrown more weight behind Kinect than Frontier Developments, creator of Kinectimals, Kinect Disneyland Adventures and the recent Zoo Tycoon reboot for Xbox One. Studio founder and CEO David Braben remains enthusiastic about the peripheral, despite Microsoft's recent decision to sell certain Xbox One SKUs without it, though he's not convinced that Kinect-only games have a future

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user74029311613d ago

says the creator of kinectimals

denawayne1613d ago

Kinectimals gave my kids hours of entertainment as well as Disneyland Adventures. Well worth the price of admission.

Sad that you took the time to even come in here just to put something down. Give me a list of the games you play and I guarantee I would have an issue with one of them.

xHeavYx1613d ago

Sad that Kinectimals and Disneyland Adventures are pretty much the games that push Kinect to it's limits

rdgneoz31613d ago

@Denawayne List the games for kinect that are great for core gamers? ??

Games for kids are great, but this doesn't strike me as a "great ambition."

badboyz091613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Once I opened this story and said who is Frontier and David Braben? That explained everything lol. The people that created Kinectimals,Zoo Tycoon, Kinect Disney LMAO!!!

denawayne1613d ago

@rdgneoz3 - why would you ask me to list any core games for Kinect? My kids use it and it keeps them busy. Good enough for me.

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XiSasukeUchiha1613d ago

Ok then (cries in a corner).

clouds51613d ago

"great ambition" is code for, it's crazy and no one knows what to do with it but at least they tried.

Jrmy841613d ago

Yep, just pulled mine off the top of my flat screen and stored it away, for the 360 though. Just never used it, my children prefer the WiiU more then they ever did the kinect.

Jrmy841613d ago

Oops! Meant Wii and WiiU

MeliMel1613d ago

Well all jokes aside tho. I still think Kinect is a cool tech. Just not for gaming.

corvusmd1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Kinda where I am with it. I LOVE Kinect, but I don't really game with is. I was admittedly surprised with how well KSR worked with it, but other than that, as far as gaming goes, I just like when it adds to the experience, not when it IS the experience. i.e. Forza Horizon 2 type stuff, or when making noises alerts enemies, etc. I can see in the future that they will be able to do more with it...the Tech itself is actually rather amazing. I love the device itself for other things.

@DeadRabbits You're trying too hard....the NSA is not wasting their time watching little kids game. If they have a reason to track someone, there are tons of much more effective ways to do so...starting with your cellphone, that can give every detail Kinect can AND your GPS location even when you aren't sitting in front of your Xbox. Also "counter espionage"??? So you're saying that Kinect is great for stopping spies? I'm not sure you're actually as informed on this topic as you think you are.

DeadRabbits1613d ago

The Kinect devs are best suited working for the NSA and counter espionage. Not home entertainment.

Charybdis1613d ago

I believe they are already performing tests or are already using microsoft's 'kinect' technology to replace Traditional 2-D facial recognition systems, look through tinted glass, perimeter protection etc.

SteamPowered1613d ago

Kinect "was" a great ambition all right. Development and support will pretty much screech to a halt now.

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