The Last of Us Will Not Be Getting an Upgrade Discount Between PS3 and PS4 Versions

According to the Euopean Playstation Blog comment section, it has been officially confirmed that those who own The Last of Us and/or a Season Pass for the PS3 version will not be getting an upgrade discount when they purchase The Last of Us: Remastered.

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Doge1617d ago

Kinda expected. It's a shame, but whatever.

pedrof931617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Of course, we are not getting a game that was released on the same time on both consoles. Like a BF4 on Ps3 and Ps4.

This game is like an enhanced GOTY edition.

jackanderson19851617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

nevermind misread comment ignore as necessary.... really need a delete on this

Bobby Kotex1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

And with people like you in the world, of course they won't give us a discount. I played it last year. No need to buy it again until it's less than $20.

Future_20151617d ago

wasn't GTA V the game of the year in that awards show

XiSasukeUchiha1617d ago

It would be kinda of obivous by now:(

truefan11617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

If people bought the game on ps3, they should get a discount. Trying to get over on the double dippers who are helping you out is a bit much.

pedrof931617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Why do you even hang around on this website ?

Should I get a desicount for having Halo 3, Halo 4 and HaloCE remastered on the 360 ? Cuz I do.

Thatguy-3101617d ago

No one is forcing anyone to get it. If you don't agree with the price than be it and stay playing it on the ps3. It's really that simple. Plus you did purchase the PS3 version so you really can't be up in arms just because your not getting a discount that YOU feel you're entitled to for some reason.

skulz71617d ago

How about you sell the PS3 version on Ebay for $10 - 20 or even more. Theres your discount.

badz1491616d ago


"Should"? Why? Do you get a discount for the new version of iPhone or Galaxy just because you bought the previous year's version? Or did you actually get a discount when you bought your Xbone? Because it looks like you didn't just bought the 360, maybe multiple units too, you kinda worship it! That must be worth like 50% discount, right? /s

All the other games with their GoTY editions last gen and no one bats an eye but when TLoU remastered doen't give a discount, haters lose their minds! *insert joker's meme here*

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PinkEye1617d ago

How was it "expected"? Is that your way of trying to cover sony's as*? Seriously man they just lost a customer here, because I paid for TLOU and had a season pass on ps3. Season Pass + Digital owners of digital version of ps3's TLOU deserve at least a slight discount. Graphics are not compelling enough to move onto PS4 when Sony won't show you some appreciation for spending $70 (game and dlc pass). This is kinda foul. I can't sell my digital TLOU to put towards buying the remastered one. So give me a discount, after all, it's not like I have compelling reason to rebuy it. Some of us don't want to spend $50 on a game in this crappy economy just for a remastered game.

Here's what's fair:

-TLOU ps3 DIGITAL owners = $10 off of PS4 version
-TLOU ps3 digital and dlc pass owners = $15 off of ps4 version (considering we paid $70 for ps3 version and dlc, I think $15 off is fair for a mere remastered game)
-TLOU DISC owners should have to put disc in the ps4 to play each time, and can verify the game isn't used, by inserting the online pass that comes with game. Even still, they should only get $5 off of the ps4 version (since the game might have been used just that the old owner never used the pass).

This is what I think would be considerate of old owners of the ps3 versions.

Thatguy-3101617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

*News flash the PS3 version isn't going to stop working once the Remastered edition comes out*

"Some of us don't want to spend $50 on a game in this crappy economy just for a remastered game."
People make it seem like Sony is forcing you guys to repurchase the game again. If you don't agree with the 50$ price tag then wait until it comes down to your preference and for the moment enjoy it on the system that you bought the game for.

johndoe112111617d ago

I'm confused. You paid $70 for the game and DLC pass, now you're getting the upgraded enhanced version of the game with all the dlc included for $50 and you're still b!tching about it? No one is forcing you to buy the game and if you choose to you're already getting a discount.

badz1491616d ago


It's expected because no other rereleased games have given you discounts before. Give us 1 example of a GoTY edition or Greatest Hits edition or whatever that gives any kind of discount for those who have bought the 1st release.

Patrick_pk441617d ago

I'll wait till it gets a price drop to 20-30

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user74029311617d ago

why should they have to go out of there way like that? want the remaster? suck it up and buy. its worth it.

JBSleek1617d ago

I want this game but will get it when the price drops.

Single game remastered games are not worth $50, to me at least. I can wait.

pedrof931617d ago

What if you consider this a remastered GOTY edition of game (because it's what it is), Is it worth the 60 bucks ?

papashango1617d ago

it could be the game of the decade edition...

it's still not gonna change the story. or the gameplay. singleplayer games lack replayability if their told as a story such as TLOU and you've beaten it.

Tempest3171617d ago

Can you explain how new game+, tons of collectibles, plenty of upgrades, and the excellent mp of TLoU lack re-playability? Because I call shenanigans on that one.

Rob_Ko1617d ago

was it worth 60$, just because it was on PS3?
Dude, that remaster didn't lose any value, why do you think it's not worth it?

JBSleek1617d ago

Of course it lost value it has already been played and been out for a year.

If you think that a game that was already done and got graphical updates deserves the money then by all means buy it.

I will simply wait till I feel it is actually worth the money. Three game collections on PS3 were $40 such as the Sly Collection.

The game was already completed there is no new content. Therefore, to me it's not worth $50. I'm still going to get it just not at launch.

objdadon1617d ago

I'd pay 60.00 to play it again on the gen after this! Best damn game I've played in many many years!

XiNarutoUzumaki1617d ago

The game has a very good Multiplayer.

iceman061617d ago

IMO, this is the approach that should be taken for those that don't feel it's worth it. Game prices reduce rather fast these days. Plus, there's bound to be some sales from the likes of Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and WalMart. The point is, if the price isn't for it out or don't buy it. I get that people feel "wronged", but people also forget that this is a business decision. I think that Sony planned to offer this title FIRST to those that didn't play it on PS3 (console converts and people that just couldn't be bothered) and secondly as a double dipping option. The value is there for the first option, in terms of content vs. price. However, for the second (double dippers), it's there as an option. I don't expect to see GTA V being offered in any upgrade either.

JBSleek1617d ago

I've played TLOU on PS3 so I'm in no rush for to play it on PS4. I'll even wait till Black Friday which is a great time to buy games.

For gamers who have never owned a Sony console then yes you may feel it's worth it but I find it kinda distasteful that they charge this much for a game that was already finished and all that was needed was a graphical boost.

I will get it for PS4 when it is $30 which is what I feel it is worth.

Business is business and I don't fault Sony for the price I just won't pay that much for it.

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XtraTrstrL1617d ago

Damn them, guess I'll just finish the game on PS3 now.

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