Uncharted 4 & The Order 1886 Are Just The Tip of the Icerberg of What Is Possible With The PS4: Sony

"It's not even a year since the PlayStation 4 was released, and we already have games that look several times better than what is present on the PlayStation 3."


I will deeply appreciate if a mod can fix a small typo in the title. It's Iceberg Not Icerberg

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MasterCornholio1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Who knows. But developers do like the ram configuration in the PS4. I guess you missed the countless articles where developers praise the 8GB of GDDR5. Heck when the PS4 was announced developers were already starting to praise it. Like they said its the best memory configuration out of the three systems.

P.S I'm no developer but I know that GDDR5 is great for graphics which is why GPUs use them. Just seeing it in the PS4 is very good news for games on the system.

MysticStrummer1611d ago

Apparently he's a pimp.

Does a gamer have to be a dev in order to appreciate a console designed according to dev wishes? I think not.

TheDevKit1611d ago

I don't think these improvements are solely based on GDDR5, rather the whole of new hardware.

Magicite1611d ago

When I showed UC4 trailer to my friend, he said: ''its totally impossible to be real time in-game''. I bet he will be up for a surprise when ND releases UC4 gameplay trailer.

XiSasukeUchiha1611d ago

Loving the lineup right now!

shallowpoint1611d ago

Why do people always disagree with you? Serious question. I agree by the way:-)

BiggCMan1611d ago

He usually speaks in terms of Naruto, and often has conversations with his own second account of another Naruto character. It's rather concerning honestly.

Blackleg-sanji1611d ago

Because he talks in naruto and is a big fan of it(like me) and is usually first on the article s which again is nothing wrong with that ppl are jus idiots

marlinfan101611d ago


people might not agree that theres a great lineup right now. maybe next year but right now its been a little stale IMO

XiNarutoUzumaki1611d ago


For the 22th time, We are not the same person.

ScottyHoss1611d ago

You're right, you can't be a single person due to how much you comment on every freaking article... So are you guys like brothers (IN THE REAL WORLD) or friends?

nix1611d ago

gotta love the two 'Xi's here.

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patrik231611d ago

in next 9 months PS4 has more exclusives than competition:


OpieWinston1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Did they give a release date for Ratchet & Clank PS4? I didn't hear one or even see a trailer. It was just announced.
EDIT: Just found the blogpost saying it'll be available during the FIRST HALF of 2015. The lack of a Trailer/details suggests Post E3 reveal in June/July. Not 9 months.

And your fanboy is showing

Forza Horizon 2
Sunset Overdrive
Halo MC Collection
Fable Legends
Quantum Break (Rumored Early Summer release)

Most of us NON fanboys are excited for the potential of both platforms.

I personally can't wait to see what Naughty Dog does with The Last of Us/Sci-fi IP.

ThePope1611d ago

Could you imagine what a sci fi game from naughty dog would look like. Holy Hannah!!!

ThePope1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

We are going to have ratchet and clank, and bloodborne in the next 9 months? I serious hope so but honestly doubt it. I would change your time frame to 12-15 months

imchuckbass1611d ago

I'm honestly only excited for one of those, and it's a remastered PS3 game

TheDevKit1611d ago

Except PC.

Backwards compatible, son.

They harden in response to console contact.

Roccetarius1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

So cutting out 2 of the games on that list, they only have 4 exclusives coming out.

y7jzdgy1611d ago

Crackdown 3
Forza Horizon 2
Sunset Overdrive
Halo MC Collection
Fable Legends
Quantum Break
Phantom Dust

snookiegamer1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )


LMAO @your list....not that they're not good games, but you're so emotionally insecure about your Xbox One, you had to list those games in a Sony article.

extermin8or1611d ago

Thats not in next 9 months those titles are next 15ish months... sony havent really announced next fall, even uncharted 4 might be next summer its unclear.

mikel10151611d ago

Two remasters? Wow that's definitely some reason to boast exclusive lineups over Microsoft and Nintendo /s

PC & Nintendo have that exclusive competition locked up. Can't argue with facts

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Volkama1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Lol "GamingBolt asked [Sony] whether we will eventually see games that look better than Uncharted 4 and The Order 1886 on the PlayStation 4"

Always respect the journalists that ask the hard questions.

Muzikguy1611d ago

I know right! Who asks questions like that? It's like when a car is made and it's red, someone goes to the company asking if we will see a black one.

Volkama1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Or "Is it a good car?"

Mercedes car is good- Mercedes.

azricf1611d ago

Difference between ps4 and x1 is getting crazy. It's not just the graphics card that is 40% stronger.. GDDR5 is way better for gaming, and can be accessed and used at it's full potential easily. ESRAM is in bursts, is a small amount on x1, and difficult to implement for many devs. PS4 ftw!

imt5581611d ago

Quote :

"...ESRAM is in bursts, is a small amount on x1..."

I think it's not. According to MisterX and insiders on that blog, eSRAM has whopping 680 GB/s bandwith!!!



Well, i saw also some N4G members on that blog. :)

Qrphe1611d ago

Put that on pastebin, dont give the guy hits

98xpresent1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Where did you get 40% stronger from ?

corroios1611d ago

max performance 1.80 Tflops (PS4); 1.30 Tflops (Xbox One).

imt5581611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )


You know, PS4 vs. Xbone GPU specs :

PS4: 18CU +50% more
Xbone: 12CU

PS4: 1.84TFLOPS +40%
Xbone: 1.31TFLOPS

PS4: 1152 Shaders (cores) +50.5%
Xbone: 768 Shaders (cores)

PS4: 72 Texture units +50%
Xbone: 48 Texture units

PS4: 32 ROPS +100% more
Xbone: 16 ROPS

PS4: 8 ACE/64 queues +400%
Xbone: 2 ACE/16 queues

PS4: 25.60GPixels/s +88%
Xbone: 13.65GPixels/s

PS4: 57.60GTexels/s +40%
Xbone: 40.90GTexels/s

MotherLight1611d ago

From knowing how to do basic math.

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