Witcher 3 E3 Xbox One Demo Analysis: "Experience Closer To PC, DX11 API in Xbox One Development"

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt demo that was showcased at E3 2014 was running on Xbox One. Our friend at Eurogamer did a tech analysis and discover some startling improvements. As per the details shared it the report, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Xbox One will offer experience closer to that of PC

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user74029311531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

so if its closer to pc' do they mean they didnt hit 1080p? which im sure pc will no doubt be atleast 1080p

edit 2. pc is doing 4k. 1080p should be pc standard

JBSleek1531d ago

It would depend on the PC if it hits 1080p. That's kinda how PC works.

vishmarx1531d ago

just because 1% pc's 'can do' 4k doesnt mean PC is 'doing' 4k.
anyways,how is it close to pc?
30 vs 60 fps
1080p vs 900p
and obvious screen tearing
and the fps falls quite alot

NukaCola1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

PC version going to run at 22 to 24 frames?

Game looks great but Xbone hardware looks like it's struggling to handle this game.

DevilOgreFish1531d ago

"Experience Closer To PC, DX11 API in Xbox One Development"

They're saying It will have DX11 features enabled, similar to the PC version.

Still PC version is the way to go, if you got a strong rig you can enjoy some of witcher 3's new boasted Ultra settings. that i'd like to see.

Qrphe1531d ago

Im pretty sure PC will at least be 800x600 since, you know, it supports a wide array of resolutions.

Razputin1530d ago

LOL. Man I remember those days.

But seriously 1080p has been the standard of high end PC gaming. Not everyone could do it, but it was the best standard for quite a long time.

Now 4K is the high end standard and GPUs will have the VRAM to support those resolutions with high settings.

Codewow1531d ago

This game is gonna be great, but I am gonna hate that combat...

Dlacy13g1531d ago

I personally loved the combat in Witcher 2 so hoping for something similar.

Codewow1531d ago

I was fed up with the combat after 15 minutes of playing Witcher 2. :/ I was using keyboard and mouse though, so maybe I just need to plug in a controller to make it bearable.

Dlacy13g1531d ago

@Codewow Witcher 2 combat was definitely better on controller. Highly recommend giving it a 2nd chance with a controller.

bumnut1531d ago

I played it with a 360 controller, played like crap with keyboard and mouse.

Rob_Ko1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

with mouse + keyboard? ewwwwwww
do yourself a favor and buy a controller

TheTwelve1531d ago

Witcher combat is complex and atypical...that's why I love it.

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ScorpiusX1531d ago

Sweet can't wait to play.

BallsEye1531d ago

by disagrees I guess some people hate the game...or are butthurt fanboys.

ScorpiusX1531d ago

Am going to assume so and go with both reasons.

NerdStalker1530d ago

It's ashame you will be playing the inferior version on your xbox one ballseye

WeAreLegion1531d ago

Very nice. They've accomplished a lot with the new consoles. I think I'll get it on PS4 at launch and wait for a Steam sale to purchase the PC version.

brads41531d ago

Why on earth would you need 2 copies of the same game? You must hate having money.

WeAreLegion1531d ago

If I like a game enough, I like to support the developer as much as possible. I also enjoy having the option to play it in two different ways.

ps360s1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

actually I do the same with other games too

once games hits steam sale I get the same games on the PC too lol ><

I know, its addictive the steam sales

elhebbo161531d ago

@wearelegion then just buy the game twice on if you really want to 'support the devs'. If you buy on console they only get a portion of what you actually pay anyways.

it even says you will be supporting the devs %100.

JBSleek1531d ago

Wait huh?

So you will pay for a full priced version on PS4 before you get the better version on PC? Shouldn't that be the opposite way. Assuming you have a PC that can outperform a PS4.

gamerfan09091531d ago

Yeah that was pretty dumb logic. If you have a PC, a game like the Witcher should be a no doubt purchase on it.

WeAreLegion1531d ago

I do have a PC that can outperform the PS4, but the PC price will come down much sooner.

No matter how innocent my comments are, you find a way to be contradictory. You're ridiculous.

ps360s1531d ago

why not? his choice...

JBSleek1531d ago

"No matter how innocent my comments are, you find a way to be contradictory. You're ridiculous."

Could you not be so sensitive. I asked a logical question on why you would buy an inferior version first. You answered it so I have no further reply.

elhebbo161531d ago

@PS360 because its a pretty stupid choice, objectively speaking.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Juding by your disagrees, you are not so bright!
Such a contradictious comment you made. That's his choice!
yeah pc will outperform PS4, we know that, but that's still wrong dude. Accept his choice and move along!

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TheDevKit1531d ago

It's cheaper on PC; why would you buy it on PS4 if you can run it on your PC?

Mr Tretton1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

The game comes out at the same price on PC and console when it launches.

buttclown1530d ago

Yeah but if you on both Witcher and Witcher 2 you can get it for like 48 bucks preordering from

Imalwaysright1531d ago

Why would you buy the PS4 version 1st? If you played the 1st 2 games, the choices you made will carry over to the 3rd and if you haven't played them yet, do yourself a favor and go play them.

TheTwelve1531d ago

I'm also buying the game twice --- good on you. These developers are good guys.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

@WeAreLegion: If you want to buy both on different platforms, do it! don't let ppl bend you out of shape because of it.

JBSleek1531d ago

I hope he isn't bent out of shape over what people he doesn't know say on the internet.

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