Dell Giving $100 Gift Cards with PS4 and Xbox One Bundle Purchases

Dell is having an offer including various PlayStation 4 and Xbox One bundles.

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user74029311130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

outstanding deal for the ps4

edit. i would expect the one imho to be standard $299.00 ( thats why i say the ps4 is the one thats worth it.)

edit 2. jbsleek, its only fair. if you get less... pay less.

micx1130d ago

All are good, but infamous+psplus+ps4 is the best.

JBSleek1130d ago

I don't understand why people think the Xbox One should be $299. The sum of it's parts don't cost near that price.

Vegamyster1130d ago

2 consoles that are the same price with one that has superior multiplats, $350 would make more sense to me.

ABizzel11130d ago


It's the performance difference, which is understandable, but still doesn't mean the sum of it's parts is near that price.

But based on performance console prices should be.

Wii: $99 (price drop to $50, GC)
360: $179 (price drop to $149)
PS3: $199 (price drop to $149)
Wii U: $249
XBO: $349
PS4: $379 (seen it quite a few times for this price)

Good prices all around.

1130d ago
Bonkerz1130d ago

You are the kind of person in why fanboy wars start. It is the same exact deal for both consoles but you say "Outstanding deal for PS4". What a tool, grow up and stop being such a shmuck.

user14394141130d ago

EVEN Dell know the PC game market cannot stand a chance against the PS4 now they have resorted to selling consoles over gaming PCs. I think this means the PC gaming days are coming to an end. Its a shame because I used to like some of the OLD pc games like Half Life. :)

tee_bag2421130d ago

Have you been living under a rock or something?

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XboxDD1130d ago

Good for those who haven't jumped on next-gen train yet.

MooseWI1130d ago

I want to but I have no need for a $100 gift card to Dell :/

1130d ago
nucky641129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

you never know...I thought the same thing when they gave me a 75 dollar online code - then, I saw they were getting remastered TLOU - and now I get to play that game for free!

at pumpkineater - I'd never give more than 50 for that card - knowing that the seller doesn't want it, why would anyone pay anything CLOSE to the full makes not sense to do it.

MooseWI1129d ago

Yeah I just noticed they have more of a game selection on there, not the best priced for games but it is a free $100 anyway.