Are We Too Excited About the Destiny Beta?

GamerHeadlines: There's no question that the impending release of the Destiny beta is a bog deal. But are we too excited about this game?

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TimeSkipLuffy1587d ago

I'm excited. I missed out the Aplha but I'm going to join the Beta. I usually never play any non final builds but this is just my kind of game I always wanted to play. I only wished there would be something similar to this game in the Fallout world :3

Dwalls11711587d ago

Answer: NO

the alpha was instantly addictive and Fun.. So I expect the beta to be just the same

Phene1586d ago

Honestly I've never seen this much excitement on both sides of the aisle for a game. As a Playstation owner, I'm excited to finally get a taste of Bungie/Halo.

corvusmd1587d ago

Yes we are. It will no doubt be fun and I am looking forward to playing it, but this one seems to be getting overblown because of the controversy surrounding it due to the claim that "Bungie is preferring PS4" ...nonsense. No one is even saying a word about the Evolve BETA. BETAs are fun, but these days they aren't even really BETAs anymore, they are just basically demos with a PR touch intended to make us feel special. They may gather data to get an idea how the games that rely on networks will work in the real world...but other than that, all real BETA work is still done the old way.

It'll be fun no doubt, I look forward to playing it on both systems, but in the grand scheme of things 4-8 days is a drop in the bucket.

GamersHeaven1586d ago

Damn straight loved every second of the Alpha Beta will be just as good.

Jdoki1586d ago

Who is this 'we' you talk of? Most people seem to be looking forward to it, but no one is 'too excited'.

Ariamythe1586d ago

The Internet, in general, seems "to excited." look at the news sites today. Every shred of Destiny news is front headline worthy.