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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Pirate Villain Revealed

Did we uncover who the main villain is in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End? Find out may be the main antagonist in the four main installment of the Uncharted series. (PS4, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End)

Hard to tell
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   293d ago
Yes, pirates let's plunder!
Ezz2013  +   293d ago

it's impossible that i keep see you in every single topic on top
also it's impossible that you can log to your other accounts and replay to yourself this fast

What.Are.You ?!
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vishmarx  +   293d ago
just keep ignoring him and hope he leaves,
thats how it works
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GeofferyPeterson  +   292d ago
Hey Guys! I've finally got rid of him for good! Look!
AndrewLB  +   292d ago
He is sitting there hitting refresh over and over, hoping someone will post an article.
Prime157  +   292d ago
@vishmarx, "just keep ignoring him and hope he leaves"

Ignoring, by n4g's standard means you can't reply. Not being able to reply when he constantly gets the (annoying) first post is detrimental to some of the conversations that can happen here.

Ignoring, by commenting on topic with no regards to him, however, is the best way to go about it.. but the problem is the amount of viewers and arbitrary viewers on any given day... they just don't recognize him for what he is...

I just wish a ban as he is a cancer on the discussion that COULD stem from the first posts...
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Magicite  +   292d ago
Too bad he got only one bubble... oh wait :D
sinspirit  +   292d ago
We could also report every top comment of his as spam since he doesn't actually care about most of the topics he posts on. He just posts passive comments that show he has never read the article past the title.
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christian hour  +   292d ago
I'm pretty sure he's an ai from the future that crashed on to our primitive hardware through time like the ilovebees ARG.

On topic... wtf did I just read?

"a voice that sounds like a pirate" (in reference to the e3 2014 trailer)

Is he talking about Sully? Or Nate? WHAT?!

How did this get approved? This isn't even news, it's two badly designed paragraphs talking about trailers that came out months ago (or weeks ago for the latest) and making connections people already made the day that tease came out last year.

How do I get off this crazy thing?!
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fr0sty  +   292d ago
No, worthless comment let's chunder!
OttoniBastos  +   292d ago
It's his Rinnegan's power! He can Swap between topics as long as is not too much distant.
MysticStrummer  +   292d ago
Bah! No villain revealed here!
chrissx  +   292d ago
Looking forward to Uncharted 4. 1 last time Nathan
Pabbs_Slick  +   292d ago
***Click-bait detected.***
hesido  +   292d ago
"I wouldn’t really call this a reveal" -> But I'd use the word reveal in the title.

TheNewSquid  +   292d ago
Right? It's like this site is copy/pasting Cheat Code Central's site policies.
listenkids  +   292d ago
That was weird to read.
RobinGaming  +   292d ago
Nothing to see here guys, pure click bait.
Commodore  +   292d ago
Wasn't the guy that said "one more job" Sully? I haven't seen the trailer since E3. If it was.... Is this guy retarded? Flag this story. How did it even pass?
rdgneoz3  +   292d ago
Yep. Hell, Drake even says "Sully" at one point. And it's "one last time", not one last job.

christian hour  +   292d ago
Hey, my kinda people! WHats up? We chillin'? Cool. So, what the hell was that all about? AMIRITE?!
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galest  +   292d ago
it would be that woman who is Eddie sister in uncharted eye of indra. Her name is Rika, and she's a thief and a pirate.
NikX  +   292d ago
misleading title nothing but speculation
crusf  +   292d ago
Pathetic journalism -_-
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TheJacksonRGN  +   292d ago
Wow this is an opinion piece not a rumor.
Myst-Vearn  +   292d ago
That was a waste of time
Edsword  +   292d ago
Wow, that was lame. I seriously doubt the antagonist will be a guy that should be dead. No, that is just likely the treasure they are looking for. Now, who else wants that treasure, that will be the antagonist. UC/UC2/and UC3 all were people who could afford their own private military, so I'm guess UC4 will be another rich dude or dudette that wants the treasure which really has a mysterious power rather than monetary value. I'm not putting down the games, loved them, but the story lines have all been similar. Except the first one had real zombies. The super natural enemies in the latter games were more cause by them being drugged or Nate being drugged.
christian hour  +   292d ago
Exactly, Uncharted plays on its formula jsut like the 80's action adventure movies it was based on, regardless it has worked every time and it's still always been an enjoyable and unique experience, I don't see much of a departure from the formula this time around either. Like any great story, it's the characters that bring you back. Any author will tell you that, "Character is Key."
DFogz  +   292d ago
So many things wrong with this article.
For starters, it reads like it was Google translated. Not to mention, the teaser trailer doesn't say "One betray us all" anywhere in it...what it actually says is "Every betrayed us all" among other things.

Also "a voice that sounds like a pirate asking for 'one more job'" Really?? The words 'one more job' are never spoken. The person asking for help is Drake, and the person who utters 'one last time' is Sully. No pirates there.

The name Henry Every also doesn't "keeps surfacing" his last name is only mentioned in a subtle hint in the teaser trailer (a hint so subtle the author didn't see it and thought it said One instead of Every)
It's also pretty unlikely that he'll be the main villain since he died over 300 years ago. What is more likely is that the treasure we're seeking is Every's retirement money
McToasty207  +   291d ago
Having spent a couple of minutes reading about him on Wikipedia it indeed appears we'll be searching for his treasure as he disappeared in the early 1700's and there were rumors he settled in Madagascar which was highlighted in the teaser.
nevin1  +   292d ago
Sully is the villain.
SIRHC13  +   292d ago
'Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Pirate Villain Revealed'

"I wouldn’t really call this a reveal"


I hate people
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