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Watch_Dogs - TheWorse Mod Nearing Completion, New Screenshots From Latest Version

Guru3D’s member ‘TheWorse’ is currently finalizing his mod and will release the semi-final version of it in the coming days. TheWorse has detailed the changelog for this semi-final version of his mod, and has released a number of screenshots that can be viewed below. (PC, Watch Dogs)

starchild  +   354d ago
The mods are great. The game looks pretty spectacular.
Volkama  +   354d ago
And the PC version can be had for £15 now. I may pick it up, if I see some positive feedback on the mods :)
AaronPS  +   354d ago
Looks great, just a shame the game was pretty lacklustre.
Convas  +   354d ago
The foliage and lighting in the 0.9 versions is such a massive improvement over vanilla WD. Mercy!
bixxel  +   350d ago
What about the awesome gas station explosion,the brilliant particle effects,the realistic rain,the draw distances...

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