Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 Marked “Free” on PSN Store by Mistake

Looks like Electronic Arts isn’t the only one making pricing mistakes today. Sony Computer Entertainment put Grand Theft Auto V on the North American PS4 PSN store marking it as “free.”

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GeofferyPeterson1378d ago

Do you think if you bought it while it said "free" they would honor it?

Abriael1378d ago

Nope, mostly 'cause you can't.

If you could, the PSN is known for honoring purchases made due to mistakes.

badboyz091378d ago

Who every wants the games already has it. This would just take up HDD space. Not like you can sell it.

Angeljuice1377d ago


I wanted the game very much but decided to wait for the PS4 version (I thought it would be available earlier mind you). I still haven't played the game as I want a fresh experience when I do.

Pixel_Enemy1377d ago

Angeljuice cool story bro

levian1377d ago

Yea I never bothered getting it because I had other stuff to play at the time. Now I have a PS4 and will probably end up getting it

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user14394141378d ago

This is a prime example of just how good value PS+ is giving away GTA V on PS4.

TRD4L1fe1378d ago

some of you one bubble guys amaze me with your comments

Pro Racer1378d ago

Lol good one MrTehDiNGO

SilentNegotiator1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I can never tell if your trolling is intentional or not.

Sigh...back in the "open zone" days, there were so many brilliant intentional trolls.

Eamon1377d ago

Haha, I remember the Open Zone.

Those were the days where if you were bored and in need of entertainment, just take a gander at the Open Zone.

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XiSasukeUchiha1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

This would be the best value on PS+, Sony if you make this happens gamer's mouths will drop!

joab7771378d ago

I tried and it wouldnt let u. Saw it earlier and I was like damn...this sure beats games for gold.

SuperBlur1377d ago

its the video that is free tho

all video trailers on psn are labelled as free

ZombieKiller1377d ago

Get it while it's hot! Haha

As much as I am against preordering digitally (come on, will they run out of copies or something?!)I am buying this one digital
a.) So I don't have to get my lazy ass off the couch to pop in the disc to my most played game

-and I'm preordering it because I'm so damn excited for it, I wanna stare at the sale.

Lol, I know you guys probably will disagree, but looking past the glitches, looking past R* and the greed/want for money GTA V, to me, is the best GTA so far. I have a crew of 18 that love to play online everyday, and since we are a fairly close crew with some mature gamers, we really enjoy not only each others "in-game" company, but also the crazy awesome world that is ever changing, and filled with so much already. I hope they keep updating this game for the next 5 years as I will be playing it for that long! Glad to see a PS4 version coming!

Eddie201011377d ago

You can't buy it or preorder it on PSN yet. The free is referring to the the preview video of the game.

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Codewow1378d ago

Surprised the burst of word of mouth didn't cause the PSN servers to explode in a fiery glory from people trying to get it free.

04STIBluByU1378d ago

I tried already this morning, it came up with an error message, I was like dang it.

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