A Few Possibly Overlooked Things PS3 Still Does Over PS4

We all know about the lack of 3D playback, music playback, Backwards compatibility and external HDD support for the PS4 but there are several other possible overlooked things the PS3 (even after all these months) still does over it’s next-gen brethen.

This actually started off being two or three things but digging further it ballooned to fifteen things!

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Godmars2901586d ago

No direct media support. Can't use an external HDD.

Scholla1586d ago

I said that in the first paragraph:

"We all know about the lack of 3D playback, music playback, Backwards compatibility and external HDD support for the PS4".

tbone5671586d ago

Lots of things on the PS4 don't even work. The share feature is totally messed up. the controller is poorly built. Still can't turn off the light on the PS4 controller. System still wobbles. Battery life on PS4 controller is poor. Sony needs to work on these issues ASAP.

supes_241586d ago

Tbone, how is the controller poorly built? Do you mean it feels cheap, it's it design, our just the list you provided? I don't have a problem with the controller as I play three at most straight and then charge for the next day.

Rimeskeem1586d ago


The only thing wrong with the controller is the battery life. The share button is not that broken to me. sure it misses clips every so often but really is not that bad. WHO THE HELL CARES IF THE SYSTEM WOBBLES!

Godmars2901586d ago

Well, they're still my #1 and #2 reasons.

jnemesh1586d ago

@tbone567 The controller is poorly built? Sorry, but I find it to be FAR superior to either the DS3 or the Xbox One controller. The sticks are stiffer, more accurate, the triggers are MUCH improved, and the buttons have a noticeable "click" when you press them. Also, the sticks are significantly further apart from each other than they were on the DS3. Huge improvements all around.

I will agree that the battery life could be better, and I do wish they would at least give the option to turn the LED lights completely off, but I understand why it's there (VR support). In any case, the LED lighting doesn't appear to affect the battery life significantly, and I don't find it to be too distracting. All in all, I would rate the new controller a 9 out of 10.

RioKing1586d ago

Hey SchollA, good list! I myself was pretty shocked to find out some of those great features wouldn't be on PS4. About the controller turning-off issue though, simply holding down the PS button for over 10 seconds will shut it off.

zero_gamer1586d ago

The system wobbles because for some reason there is no rubber foot on one side. I just fold a piece of cardboard and the problem is solved. This is a bit of a strange design flaw, but nothing that can't be fixed for free.

While the battery life could've been a lot better, my DS4 otherwise has no problems, and my system is a launch unit. It doesn't at all feel poorly built, it actually feels more durable than my DS3.

Darkstares1586d ago

I'm not sure why Sony takes so long to put in features that they talked about last year.

Pixel_Enemy1586d ago

"The system STILL wobbles" You must not have downloaded the latest firmware update. Fixed that issue a while back. /s

BattleAxe1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

PS3 is the best console on the market today. No two ways about it. I still like to play CDs and MP3s on my PS3, and that's a pretty big deal to me.

GameSpawn1586d ago

Actually there is partial USB hard drive support, but it is limited to export of data, not expansive storage.

You can format a drive to FAT or exFAT and export videos and content from the PS4 and import content into SHAREFactory, but yeah no permanent storage or media playback.

XiSasukeUchiha1585d ago


Are you a Xbox fanboy? that's my question if not is their anything good that you think is good on PS4.

its_JEFF1585d ago

@xisasukeuchiha I have never seen a single post by @tbone567 that wasn't bashing, complaining, bad mouthing anything and everything Sony or Playstation. His comments make it clear that he has never used a PS4, never wants to, and will not enjoy it if he ever does cause he has such a hate for anything Playstation.

I'm kinda wondering if this is actually a 2nd account cause he was trolling too hard with his other account. Just go through his post history, nothing but hate! Gah damn, makes me sad to see gamer who are so angry at a brand. Such a waste of energy but that's just what some people like to so... sad.

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Summons751586d ago


This is the full reason I can't fully convert to Ps4. Just like the backward compatibility issue there is no reason why I shouldn't be allowed to watch movies off an external hdd.

Also I would love for Sony to do a Ps4 UI update, it really irritates me that all the games are just in a line of recently played. I'd much rather have them in folders like the Ps3. Ps4 UI is much smoother but the Ps3 is much more organized.

RioKing1586d ago

Yeah I preferred the setup of the PS3 UI.

ovnipc1586d ago

Im loving the ps4. No mayor complains for me. My only problem it's with the battery life on the controller. How can some complain about the controller itself, its awesome wayyy better than the ps3 controller. I have no problems with the share button.

iamnsuperman1586d ago

Some of those I couldn't care about but one or two need to be implemented or fixed (the extra step with the controller turning off is odd)

One thing missing from this list is custom folder

iceman061586d ago

Now THIS I would like to see. Most of that other stuff is just a bit nitpicky. But, as the games continue to roll in, it's going to be more difficult to manage those games on the bar itself. Or, maybe they can put that Library to proper usage? Either way, it would be nice not to see 10 games on the UI at once.

Tetsujin1586d ago

Not that I'm calling the author out for nitpicking (because what's important to one person isn't to another) however some of the items on the list I'm glad isn't available right now; it means the PS4 is a gaming console first, and over time allow features the fans ask for.

I do agree though about the custom folder, less clutter.

Gamesgbkiller1586d ago

I heard you can't pause the downloads on PS4... did they fixed that ?

Scholla1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Now that I think about it you could even switch the order of the downloads too if you had multiple one's going(very detailed - PS3).

SpiralTear1586d ago

I sure would like Sony to release an official PS4 media remote. Kinda nitpicky, but I like watching Netflix with a remote and not a controller.

Skate-AK1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

What kind of TV do you have? Maybe this will work for you

Edit: Nevermind. It said it doesn't really work with Netflix.

TardcoreGamer1586d ago

PS3 plays PSOne discs. PS4 can not:(

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