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Is Diddy Kong Racing 2 a Good Idea?

From GamesReviews:

"Last week, rumors surfaced on the Internet from industry insider Kevin Callahan that Diddy Kong Racing 2 was a real thing, and that it was currently in development for the Nintendo Wii U.

"There are a few questions which need to be answered: do we need a Diddy Kong Racing sequel, and how can it be successful?" (Diddy Kong Racing, Diddy Kong Racing 2, Nintendo DS, Retro, Wii U)

Snookies12  +   381d ago
Man, if they pulled it off right I would absolutely love a second one.
colonel179  +   381d ago
I also would love a Diddy Kong Racing, or as I've said before, Mario Kart would work great as a spiritual successor. After Mario Kart 8 what can they do anyways? They already did antigravity, so I would love it if they just skin Diddy Kong Racing as Mario Kart and make it.

Also how awesome would it be to have Diddy Kong Racing tracks with antigravity, and classic Mario Kart tracks redesigned with Planes and Hovers in mind.

I don't know, but for me it makes sense and I think it would be awesome.
GamingSinceThe80s  +   381d ago
The sequel they had planed for GameCube before MS bought Rare,had you racing on the back's on animals like the rhino and ostrich from DK Country.So I hope it's that.If you Google it you will find pic's and maybe even some video.
jcnba28  +   381d ago
What I really enjoyed about DKR was the single player because you weren't just racing the whole time. You had a hub world where you had different tasks to do as well as the racing. So yes I think a sequel would be great!
Neoninja  +   381d ago
I would love to see a DKR2. It was such a fun game and I really enjoyed the adventure mode which although basic added to it. It's one of the main reason why I like it better than Mario Kart. I also enjoyed the different vehicles and the music was awesome! The Dino challenges, silver coins, WizPig, it was all great.
I really do hope this rumor has substance to it cause I'd be first in line to buy Diddy Kong Racing 2.
Metallox  +   381d ago
Let me be clear, if it's not made or supervised by Retro in any kind of way, then I don't have any problem with the development of a sequel.

Retro should, at the very least, make another 3D Donkey Kong game, a racing game is not ambicious enough for me, even if DKR was very special because you could do more than just racing.
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-Foxtrot  +   381d ago
It's a good idea because so far we've only had one Kart game per gen by Nintendo and that's been Mario Kart. Cyling between Diddy Kong and Mario Kart will give us more Kart racing goodness.

Only thing they have to worry about is how they separate the titles to make them feel completely different from each other.
xJumpManx  +   381d ago
Its a good idea but make it for the next gen consoles the X1 and PS4.
Neoninja  +   381d ago
I'm not trying to be a prick or anything, but are you joking or do you not know that Diddy Kong and Diddy Kong Racing in general is Nintendo property?
xJumpManx  +   381d ago
The WiiU install base is so small the sales could be much bigger if it would be multiplatform.
Dasteru  +   381d ago
Potential sales are irrelevant. The IP is owned by Nintendo.
diepdiep  +   381d ago
"The WiiU install base is so small"

Stop living in 2013 already. It has a bigger user base than X1
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   381d ago
The install base is not that far behind the other two.
Last I checked, the Wii U was outperforming the XBone.

Get back under your bridge; DKR would not sell outside of its home and you know it.
GotHDGame  +   380d ago
DKR can not be made for any other system accept Nintendo they own it. Also for Nintendo having such a "small install base" they sure the have sold the heck out of MK8. 1.2 million in a week.

Wii U IS Nintendo's next gen system. Have you not seen how slick the tracks in MK8 are? 720p 59fps, locked. Then check out the replay in Slow motion and you really see the detail you miss in playing the tracks.
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Ol_Boy  +   381d ago
DKR was awesome. I would get DKR2 on day one. I hope this rumor is true.
ichizon  +   381d ago
I'd love a new DKR, but the old one is quite outdated. Doing it in either the Mario Kart style, or the original Crash Team Racing style would be pretty good. I feel the CTR style is more similar to DKR though, with the whole single player/multiplayer aspect. They have a "storyline" with a world that goes with it.

However, doesn't Microsoft/Rare now own most of the characters? I'm not sure what the licensing rules are around that issue when it comes to sequels, although they might just have to cut some of the characters out of a DKR2.
Broburger  +   381d ago
Of course it is. Was this article a good idea? No.
Kevlar009  +   381d ago
Only if we get a massive hub world. Since Mario Kart has flying and water sections DKR needs everything it can get to stand out, one being the the use of a hub world like in the original.

And when I say massive I mean massive. DKR needs to be the alternative to MK, not the lesser version
MSBAUSTX  +   381d ago
Please do not bite my head off about this, but I don't personally think it is a good idea. The first one was great and I loved it, but we now have sonic all stars, which is great, and a new Mario Kart, which is even better. I would be more afraid that a new DKR would saturate the market with Nintendo characters having their own racing games. Also I would fear that they would waste innovation on a third racing IP that could be used to make the others even better. What would happen is that we have three sub par racing IPs instead of two amazing ones in either Mario Kart and Sonic Racing and or Mario Kart and DKR. I think they should pick two and keep with those and not spread it too thin in this particular genre. However, Nintendo has not disappointed me in the past so I am willing to leave this in their hands. I would just want them to think about if it is really a needed title versus putting their efforts into what people really want IE new Metroid or Starfox titles.
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KonsoruMasuta  +   381d ago
Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing isn't a Nintendo IP.
MSBAUSTX  +   381d ago
Yes we all know that but Sonic is wide accepted as a Nintendo friendly character and is even in one of the super smash and teams up with Mario in the Olympic Games. So all of that being said I felt it appropriate to group his racing game with the like of Mario Kart because they are so similar and share so many cross developer games together. Regardless, too many Nintendoish characters with racing games. I didn't see you disagree with that.
Subaruwrx  +   381d ago
One of my all time favorites. I'd also love to see a sequel to another Rare classic - Blast Corps. I'd buy a Wii U, or any console they happen to be published on, just to play these games.
KonsoruMasuta  +   381d ago
I think Rare owned the IP. They owned most of the IPs they created under the deal with Nintendo.

Microsoft probably has the rights to it now.
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GamingSinceThe80s  +   381d ago
No they don't,anything with DK or Diddy Nintendo own's.Rare got Conker and And Banjo..ect.If they were to rerelease DKR or DK64 they may have to share some of the profits with Rare but only Nintendo could put the game out again.This is most likely the reason why those games are not on the VC and why they pulled theDKC games a few years ago.
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KonsoruMasuta  +   381d ago

Subaruwrx was talking about Blast Corps, not Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong games.

He brought up the Blast Corps IP and I was telling him that Microsoft probably owns the rights to it now.
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Ac7iVe  +   381d ago
Omg I'd cry like a pre teen school girl who just saw Justin beiber if Diddy Kong racing 2 was made !
Ghost_Nappa  +   381d ago
Do bears @#$% in the woods?
sfadul  +   381d ago
Actually no, the Wii U already has a mascot based, fantasy racer.

Use the money for something else.
LightDiego  +   381d ago
The first was awesome, would be great a sequel, of course.
Mikito11  +   381d ago
I wonder how far in development the canceled game was before rare went to Microsoft?would be interesting to see what it was going to be like
tweet75  +   381d ago
no not a good idea but ideas from the original would be in a mario kart game. I loved how it had open world racing. Something that could make mario kart even better exploration and open world.
RosweeSon  +   381d ago
As much as I agree if a good job was done diddy kong racing 2 would be amazing but then mario kart does a fantastic enough job, if anything we need a Banjo 3.
Xof  +   381d ago
A terrible idea, IMHO.

Kong-centric DLC for MK8 would be cool, though I'd rather see other Nintendo franchises be included via DLC.

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