What Is The Theme For WWE 2K15?

Hardcore Gamer: What does the announcement of Sting mean for the theme of this year's version of "story mode"?

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DxTrixterz1374d ago

WWE vs WCW Monday Night Wars.

CaptainCamper1374d ago

I want WWE to make a proper WWE game. All the old games were about making your own mark, creating your own story. Now it's just reliving moments from WWE history, which is fun once or twice but that's it.

Custom characters coming up through NXT :D

NinjaRichParty1374d ago

Totally agree with this. I want to be able to play through a career with a custom wrestler.

snarls2001374d ago

as long as they do not make us do it for every custom character

Enigma_20991374d ago

Wait.. there's no CAW career mode?!?!?