Sony and Bungie Want You to be Ready for the Destiny Beta

GamerHeadlines: Hype for the Destiny beta is reaching fever pitch ahead of its Thursday debut on Playstation. Here's how Sony and Bungie are making sure players are prepared.

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Magnus7011281d ago

They NEED you to be ready because PSN has a hard time with this sort of traffic.

OrangePowerz1281d ago

"They NEED you to be ready because any online service has a hard time with this sort of traffic."

Fixed that for you.

HiddenMission1281d ago

The Alpha was perfect so only someone who is trolling would think a more finished version would end up a mess...just saying they would have to downgrade and do worse than an alpha version so not gonna happen.

GasTankKiller1280d ago

Totally agree. The Alpha felt like retail. I personally have never experienced that with any other alpha or beta.

Magnus7011280d ago


Ok, I am not exactly sure what you expect retail to be if you felt that the last Alpha was at all complete. That was a, hopefully, extremely thin slice of the pie. It only tested out a few features and need a lot of work before the actual product is released. I was too hype about Destiny and was disappointed when I played the Alpha because the combat system and net code needed a lot of work. There were many times where shots did not register and actions felt like they were being rolled back (not choppy like a bad connection, but rolled back as in the net code was designed to pick the server over the client). The combat needs many tweaks and I wish that they didn't just 100% port over animations from Halo. I mean I love Halo and Bungie, but Destiny was supposed to be an all new franchise for them and they are watering it down with actions and animations from their previous franchise.

GasTankKiller1280d ago

This is Destiny not Battlefield. Troll along, nothing to see here.

fonduktoe1281d ago

Hopefully its not a mess cause I'm lookin forward to this

S2Killinit1281d ago

can't wait for use some epic weaponry on some alien scum.

iiwii1281d ago

I got into the Alpha in probably about half an hour or maybe slightly more. It downloaded really fast. Hope for more of the same for the Beta, though I realize that we will have PS3 and PS4 downloading this time around.

oO_bizkitz_Oo1280d ago

Same here I was in the alpha it was a 26 or so min download. I'm going to download it off my ps app on my s5. That morning at work so it's food to go when I get home. Bought the ps store Verdon and the digital guardian pack. So hopefully all goes well.

Ariamythe1280d ago

From your keyboard to Sony's ear, hopefully.