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BioWare Frustrated By "Mass Effect 4"

Twinfinite looks into why BioWare doesn't like "Mass Effect 4".

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Community921d ago
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Ezz2013921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

i was frustrated by Mass Effect 3 as well
it's just not Mass Effect 2 (the best ME for me)

Mass Effect 4 or whatever it is need to be amazing to get my money

Pintheshadows921d ago

Mass Effect 2 was made by its characters. The reason I disliked Mass Effect 3 so much was it regressed in this area.

All of the cameos beyond Mordin and Jack felt a bit flat and out of place. They felt very convenient.

Thefreeman012921d ago

i agree with you about that.. the character moments a lot of times seemed very forced and flat... but then again the whole story felt rushed as well..

ThePope921d ago

So after arguably one of the best series in gaming history, you're not sure you want ME4?

ME3 was not the best but it was far from a bad game. Bioware just held you back in what you could do and where you could go. The exploration that makes RPG's great was gone. But Bioware already said that they've fixed that in ME4.

I don't care what the game looks like Bioware is one of the best developers of all time and I will always give their games a chance.

Ezz2013921d ago

never said it was bad
just didn't enjoy it as ME2

but you said it best :
"Bioware just held you back in what you could do and where you could go. The exploration that makes RPG's great was gone. "

as for ME4
we don't know how it will play since we don't know if it will follow ME3 or will start new ME games

ThePope921d ago

Bioware has already said it will play much the same as Dragon space.

Ezz2013921d ago

well, that's good to hear .

CJDUNCAN921d ago

To me Mass Effect is the greatest gaming series ever. Some game design choices were headscratchers in ME3, but I understood why they went more action style rather than RPG.

The next installment will without a doubt be glorious, ME will forever get my dollars.

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joab777921d ago

I was frustrated by the fact that they abandoned the rpg nature of the 1st one. Though they were great games. Just wish they remained rpgs.

DevilOgreFish921d ago

title is a little misleading, they don't want to call it mass effect 4.

"Manveer Heir -
Dear Press, stop saying Mass Effect 4. No one at BioWare has ever said the title is Mass Effect 4. "Next Mass Effect" until further notice."

it's probably because it's not cannon to the trilogy.

3-4-5921d ago

ME1 was nearly perfect for what it was at the time it released.

* Go back to something like ME1, but give us like 5-6 Citadel type cities, another 4-5 smaller Hub Towns and bring back planet exploring.

LeoDDestroyer921d ago

As bad as ME3 endings were I still prefer it over ME2 only b/c ME2 is a giant side mission. It really doesn't farther the story from ME1 which is my favorite one.

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thecastroregime921d ago

Can't blame em. I remember people referring to the Mirror's Edge sequel as Mirror's Edge 2 even when the developers said it wasn't so.

joab777921d ago

Yeah, images is everything but what they dont realize is that it doesnt matter. It was so popular that those who know wont care and those who dont will buy it cuz of the previous entries. Theres plenty of time for correction.

DeusEx-Machina921d ago

Welcome to the club BioWare. I'm frustrated by Mass Effect since Mass Effect 2.

Retard921d ago

ME1 (my fav story-wise still) left you with a stoic; overwhelmingly emotional ending of a hero. ME2; impressed the characters to a 'real-feel' level; combat tweaked to boot as well. ME3 felt cheap to the characters; the ending (everyone knows?) just ... mega lackluster.

mrmack00921d ago

I'm still buying Mass Effect X! I enjoyed all of them, though I did miss the the character growth from 2.

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