PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Will Have Realistic Tracks; Variations, Car Categories and More Explained

Driveclub is starting to be publicly available for testing at various shows, and Game Director Paul Rustchynsky is providing more information on the upcoming PS4 exclusive racing game.

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XiSasukeUchiha1316d ago

Oh damn, the Driveclub hype train is on the rails.

1316d ago
Kurisu1316d ago

^ Pre-ordered! Soooo looking forward to getting my hands on a PS4 (never got to play one yet!) and #DRIVECLUB.

tbone5671316d ago

Its a shame Driveclub doesn't have weather at launch, only 50 cars, and no customization. Because of this, Forza Horizon 2 seems to be the overall better game. I personally think FH2 looks much better than Driveclub.

GTgamer1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

"for the moment water doesn’t drip from bumpers and skirts when a car is stationary, as the weather tech is still work in progress."

OMFG just keep the realism coming EVO DC is gonna blow minds ಠ_ಠ I dont think I'll survive it but I'll lose so many races in DC because I was too busy being lost in the scenary ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kurisu1316d ago

Well let's hope you do or else you'll be missing out on some good games! =p

waltyftm1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

The best looking racer I have ever seen.


After seeing that weather gif... Amazing what these devs have done, the are truly talented!

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771316d ago

'Hot-hatch, sports, performance, super, hyper'
Hopefully muscle will be added!

Angeljuice1316d ago

Muscle cars don't do corners, most still use leaf-spring suspension (as used on horse-drawn carts). They focus purely on power and handle like turds.
I'm not saying they wouldn't be cool in the game (hurtling uncontrollably around a gentle bend can be fun when your life isn't at risk), but they have limited appeal outside of the US (and their long straight roads), so they don't tend to appear on the radar of non-Americans.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771316d ago

I was talking about modern muscle! you know:
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
Chevrolet Camaro Z/28
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 C7 stingray
Cadillac CTS-V
Cadillac ATS
Dodge Charger SRT8
Dodge Challenger SRT8
Dodge SRT Viper GTS
Dodge SRT Viper T/A
Ford Mustang BOSS 302
Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake
Ford GT
Saleen Raptor
Saleen S7 TwinTurbo

Okay i went overboard!
OT: hope for some american based racing areas.

Angeljuice1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

So was I, have you ever tried fighting a Viper around a racetrack? they go where they want to go, ( you're a passenger in the driving seat), meanwhile the car lightens itself as pieces fall off of it for no apparent reason (speaking from experience).

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The story is too old to be commented.