Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores Review [Gamezebo]

Gamezebo's Nadia Oxford says "Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores plays a good deal like Glu Games’ Deer Hunter series. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since, like most Deer Hunter games, Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is very accessible. Regardless of how comfortable you are handling a gun in games or in real life, you shouldn’t have any issues making the dinosaurs extinct once more."

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AllAboutGaming1341d ago

How have I not heard of this game before!? Oh, iOS game. I can't play shooters on my iPhone.

SteamPowered1341d ago

Im pretty sure its out for Android too. I will totally pick this up on my Shield!

SolidGear31340d ago

I'll definitely check this out :3