The Ultimate Gamer’s Favorite Unsettling Glitches

We have yet to see any videogame made without a single flaw, it’s just part of the gaming world we live in. Gamers and developers refer to these flaws as bugs or glitches. While some glitches might be a benefit to the player, most slip under the radar of the general public. There are, however, several glitches that will leave the unsuspecting gamer shaken and out right disturbed by what they have seen. Watch, as your beloved characters are deformed and mutilated right before your very eyes! Here are some of The Ultimate Gamer’s favorite visually unsettling glitches in gaming:

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ozCHRISoz1376d ago

That's deeply unsettling

neil3631376d ago

Damn weird that. What the hell was going on in RDR!?

TheSuperior 1375d ago

lol this made me laugh so hard... hahahaha his arms are flapping xD