Should Nintendo Be Promoting The Wii U GamePad As A Tablet Killer ?

Kids love tablets, so why isn't Nintendo shouting about the GamePad ? When Nintendo first lifted the lid on the Wii U and its unique GamePad controller, many within the industry murmured their cautious approval. It all seemed to make so much sense — Apple's iPad had already kickstarted a tablet revolution and second-screen gaming promised big things. By launching a console which came with its own tablet-like controller, Nintendo could steal a march on its rivals and embrace an entirely new way of playing games straight out of the box without having to rely on additional peripherals.

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iamnsuperman1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

No because as a tablet it is fairly rubbish. This is the problem Nintendo has had from the get go. It looks like a tablet that has to be stuck near another device. If people wanted a tablet they would buy a tablet than buy a product that looks like one (a reason why I believe Nintendo went for a tablet controller too early since semi decent tablets were and still are too expensive for a games console)

Also this article makes fairly sweeping statements with no evidence to back it up. For example

"Despite their portability, a great many tablets never leave the living room"

Who said this. The author? How does he or she know this? I can believe it but you need something to back up this claim.

But even so tablets offer a greater deal of versatility in functionality than the gamepad couldn't even hope for. Going for that market (advertising as such) would be suicidal (side note but seeing the Wii U gamepad as a tablet killer is laughable)

Tiqila1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

also, compared to a tablet the Wii U gamepad has a pretty bad touchscreen, can't even properly navigate the e-shop with my fingers without accidentally clicking on something. With the touchpen it is working fine, though.

The_Hero1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Tablet killer? How?
Give me a reply below as to how it is a Tablet killer.

lilbroRx1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

The gamepad doesn't have a bad touchscreen. You're just bad at using it. It has a high precision touchscreen that was made for pinpoint action as opposed to, you know, a tablet that has a touchscreen that was made to be used with your finger.

I hate using smartphone touchscreens because they lack precision. The screen on the Wii U Gamepad is much more suited for gaming.

iamnsuperman1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )


I disagree. I think multi touch devices are better suited for gaming (especially with what the gamepad could be used for). Currently the second screen option is being used in a similar vain as the DS/3DS second screen which is inventory/option or stuff that use to be behind a start/pause/inventory screen. This is down to the single touch screen. It is highly more accurate but mult touch adds a different angle which could provide new gameplay options which we have seen in not only mobile gaming but mobile apps. It was a mistake for Nintendo to go for the single touch route

Alinea1436d ago

I disagree with tablets having better touch screen, theyre better for having multi touching but in terms of precision, no,

but in any case I would always prefer buttons over touchscreen but for what the gamepad does. it does it fine, im sure nintendo isnt also going to design games that make you beg that it had multi touching support as well and perhaps its using single touch for the sake of being cost efficient since multi touching is more of a convenience than a necessity

ChickeyCantor1436d ago

"without accidentally clicking on something"

Mate it sounds like you have fat fingers.

N4g_null1436d ago

Multi-touch sucks in game play and often times cases alot of issues like phantom touches.

All you have to do is look at the art on miiverse. The game pad is one of the best touch screens out for gaming. IPad are just more popular period.

The only touch screen that is better than my game pad is my wacom cintq even it has buttons for controls and touch panels.

The ip ads have this static pen crap... yet even a galaxy note can some how have a wacom like pen.

Tiqila1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

to all that disagree with me, in case you did not realize it, but I wasn't bashing the Wii U gamepad. The article is about whether it should be advertised as a tablet killer and I mentioned a (imo) valid reason for why it shouldn't.

Would you prefer watching a movie or reading a book on the Wii U gamepad with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels or would you prefer watching it on your full-hd tablet? Games where multi-touch is involved will be difficult to realize for the Wii U gamepad as well.

@ ChickeyCantor
I do have pretty fat fingers.

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kwandar1436d ago

Didn't read the article, but I immediately agree with " if people wanted a tablet, they would buy a tablet".

I love the Wii U gamepad, but a tablet it isn't.

lilbroRx1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Nintendo did not make a "tablet controller" to begin with. They decided on going with a touchscreen controller for asymmetric gaming in 2007 based on the DS before any tablets were even released. The tablet boom was coincidental as was said by Miyamoto right after it was revealed and people were being hyper presumptuous in trying to insist that Nintendo was just trying to cash in on the tablet boom like this article is continuing.

The entire line of argument regarding the comparisons between the Wii U gamepad and tablets is based on false pretense. The Wii U gamepad is no more a tablet than the NDS and 3DS.

A tablet is a handheld computer meant to function like a computer. The Wii U gamepad is not. Its just a game controller with a touch screen to make it more or less a separated Nintendo DS with extra features like gyroscopic motion control and near field communication.

MNGamer-N1436d ago

No, because it's not a tablet. It's a gaming controller.

randomass1711436d ago

One of my friends made a great point in that the Wii U gamepad is as much a tablet as the 3DS or Vita are. None of those are tablets so the Wii U shouldn't be considered one either. It's just a controller with a screen you can use for touch and gaming without a big screen.

imXify1436d ago

If their next console is the fusion. It would be more appropriate to advertise it as a tablet killer

youndamie1436d ago

It would be cool if the next Nintendo console was called Nintendo GameCube Fusion.

lilbroRx1436d ago

Has everyone forgot the existence of this series of game devices known as the DS?

Nintendo has been dominating in the touchscreen gaming market for almost 10 years.

BigDuo1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Yeah, it's not a logical article.

SteamPowered1436d ago

Not a chance until you can take the tablet further than 20 feet from the system. I always felt that was the biggest drawback to the Wii U. Other than the ridiculous name.
I dont understand why they made a portable unit that can only travel a short distance from the console. ...

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