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Xbox One Games on Sale: COD: Ghosts $6, ACIV $10, BF4 $15 & More

COD: Ghosts, ACIV, BF4 and lots more are on sales right now for incredibly cheap. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Madden NFL 25, Xbox One)

XtraTrstrL  +   499d ago
Whoa @ those prices.
FamilyGuy  +   499d ago
This can not be real O.o

CoD Ghost for $6 is INSANE...

I don't get it, what site is taking this promo code?
"Currently on sale at" and has no site.

Okay I found it I guess.

"$13 Off for New Registering Customers. Use promo code TREAT4U at checkout. Ends 7/16/2014."

How trustworthy is this rakuten site though? Never heard of it but the code is giving $13 off for new registrations.
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shawnmelo  +   499d ago
very trustworthy actually, they are formally buy.com
hellothere1977  +   499d ago | Helpful
Beware of this site. I had credit card info stolen and charges placed all over the US. Three separate cards at three different times spanning 6 months.

There was a page of complaints on the forums with 200+ pages of complaints on the forums of slickdeals.

I stopped buying from them and removed my credit cards info from their databases. Have not had a fraudulent charge since then.

They denied everything.
MajorGecko  +   499d ago
+bubbles to hello there for the heads up
cleft5  +   499d ago
This is a great sale if true. Hopefully we something similar on the PS4. Very impressive.
ThanatosDMC  +   499d ago
Check who submitted and approved this garbage on our sacred hang (n4g). Credit card info being stolen is bad for gamers and their family. Ban this garbage.
tbone567  +   499d ago
Just got ghost for 6 bucks. Good time to be an Xbox One gamer. So many deals.
Magicite  +   499d ago
dirt cheap, almost like steam sale.
Muzikguy  +   499d ago
This is fake
Scatpants  +   499d ago
No it isnt
FamilyGuy  +   499d ago
How long has the site that's selling this been around? Even at the regular on sale price of $18.99 that's a really good deal. Makes it hard to believe.

It'd be nice to hear from someone that's actually purchased and received items from this site before.
GutZ31  +   499d ago
rakuten is legit. It was buy.com, and I have ordered from both company names with great results.
Muzikguy  +   499d ago
It is fake. Go to the site and it says used from $5.99 for Ghosts. That's not real. I didn't click farther. Nobody would sell for $5.99 they could easily make more than that. Not from me, but someone.

Edit: and saying $6 for Ghosts isn't even a guarantee so that right there isn't truthful
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Doge  +   499d ago
Well, I did say to myself that I'm not picking Ghosts up until it's less than $10...
Master-H  +   499d ago
Trust me..it's STILL not worth it, this is coming from someone who loves the franchise.
AutoCad  +   499d ago
Guys just a heads up this site was reported by many users to have credit card fraud problems,so buy at your own risk.

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Pinkdolphinyfg  +   499d ago
Man i knew this was too good to be true good looking AutoCad because i was seriously about to pull out my credit card. Bubble up and like for you.

@gutz if you go on http://rakutenfraud.com you can see people complaining about Fraud as recent as last month.
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GutZ31  +   499d ago
Thats from a year ago, and all of that was from a breach in security no longer effecting them.
hellothere1977  +   499d ago
Funny, they denied any breach up to the time i removed my credit cards and cancelled my account.

Over 200 pages of a forum complaint thread and they issued a statement saying they had absolutely no breaches.

Had 3 cards compromised in a span of 6 months shopping with them. Cancelled my account with them and no longer shop on their site, and guess what, no breaches since then. Yes, for about a year now, i no longer get mysterious purchases from jackasses have way across the US from my location.

"No breach" my butt.

If you compromised a customer's financial info, admit it and fix it. The denial is what p*ssed me off.
MichaelTM88  +   499d ago
This alone may be the reason I buy my first CoD game....
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   499d ago
Sounds wayy to good to be true and the site looks pretty sketchy to me. Guys please refrain from purchasing I would hate to see a fellow n4g member suffering from fraud. I love you guys too much 💕

Suggest reading before making a purchase from Rakuten: http://consumerist.com/2013...

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GeofferyPeterson  +   499d ago
Do not buy from Rakuten! I bought something from them, then weeks later I noticed there were at least 10 small fradulent charges on my card and I had to get a new one.
PS4isKing_82   499d ago | Spam
matrixman92  +   499d ago
bought 2 copies of ghosts. Probably just going to end up trading them in, u can get like 30+ dollars each with gamestop promos
LoneWolf019  +   499d ago
25 but close enough
LoneWolf019  +   499d ago
and this is why you use paypal if your afraid of fraud :P
Kingoftherodeo  +   499d ago
yea i was pumped about this then i saw that it was rakuten. while you might save a few bucks you run the risk of having fraudulent charges on card. if some of you feel lucky check out with paypal
ndonnine  +   499d ago
Site has horrible reviews all over the internet. Seems super unlegit.
Eejanaika  +   499d ago
thats pretty good

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