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GTA 5 Strip Club DLC Leaked

Also, it looks like Rihanna was found in the game itself. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   413d ago
Rihanna no way! /s

Still cool not the less:)
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SilentNegotiator  +   413d ago
She's so overrated.
abzdiine  +   413d ago
i hate this chick... she's so vulgar
AliTheSnake1  +   413d ago
She's cute tho, and got a great voice.
KwietStorm  +   413d ago

Just how I like em.
Azmatik  +   413d ago
u think shes cute? find a pic of her with no make up then
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   412d ago
Yuck. Rihanna isn't cute, her nasty skin and pimples are covered by makeup. Plus she's trashy, flashes her tits everywhere, even in public.
Tito08  +   412d ago
I liked the pre-beatdown Rihanna, now I don't know how to describe her, not too attractive, but her rachetness made her a lot more popular, no doubt about it, and leads to more girls becoming that way, unfortunately, lol smh.
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AliTheSnake1  +   412d ago
Even without make-up she is still cuter than most black girls with makeup.


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Dee_91  +   412d ago
.. Hopefully they add some food places in this update. I'm tired of eating snacks and pisswaser
GeofferyPeterson  +   412d ago
I wouldn't let that illuminati whore touch me with a 10 foot pole.
duckmysick  +   412d ago

I'm VERY SURE she wouldn't touch you with an 80 ft pole. Lol who are you supposed to be!?!? Lol
GeofferyPeterson  +   412d ago
@ Duckmysick ^^^
Great, An 80 foot pole is even better! Considering even being in a room with her gives you herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, crabs, syphilis, scabies, leprosy, elephantiasis, tuberculosis and pink eye.
Ghoul  +   413d ago
but you gotta admit that she has a very unique and recognizeable voice

dont like here too


that is so NOT rihanna in taht shot im sorry people
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IcedOmega13  +   412d ago
Shit I Could autotune myself into sounding like her.
averagejoe26  +   409d ago

You clearly have no idea what auto tune is.
Syntax-Error  +   413d ago
Thsi was always in the game. Go to the strip club and look at the coat check and you will see her sitting there
ThinkThink  +   412d ago
This looks absolutely nothing like Rihanna. Zero resemblance.
duckmysick  +   412d ago

I'm VERY sure she wouldn't touch YOU with an 80 ft pole... Lol. Who are you supposed to be!?!? Lmao
SIRHC13  +   413d ago
inb4 rihanna lawsuit, r* is using her likeness
rdgneoz3   413d ago | Offensive
FamilyGuy  +   413d ago
First off:
This was noticed like 7 MONTHS ago, if not more. If she was gonna sue she would've done it already.
Second, she isn't some broke drug addict like Lindsey that would need to sue for money or even gaf about being in a strip club. She probably laughed it off when someone told her about it.
hasj1990  +   413d ago
Actually Rihanna sued a fashion retail store in the UK, because they used her picture on their t shirt.

'The star sued Topshop's parent company Arcadia for $5 million (£3.3m) over the T-shirts, which featured a photo taken during a video shoot in 2011.

Her lawyers told the High Court in London the fashion chain duped fans and may have damaged her reputation.'

Welp if a fashion store putting a picture of her on a t-shirt could 'damage her reputation' then to her this definetly would.

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FamilyGuy  +   413d ago
That's a FASHION shop, they were making it look like she was supporting their clothing line. That's a completely different thing as they were literally able to make money off of her image as if it were a promotional selling point. There are NO actors or singers that would put up with that.

It's ridiculous that you think that that's even similar. Rockstar didn't put her picture on the cover of their game or make a commercial with a character of her likeness (appearance and voice) in it.
badarcade  +   413d ago
Exactly! I was just about to comment that the article references a Reddit post from 7 months ago. And Rihanna has a song in the game! So she probably doesnt care about the model either. And the DLC only references a YouTube video of some guy saying he "found some files in the GTA:O code" and theres two new locations of strip clubs. If any truth of this rumor comes, Rockstar will probably just add two new strip clup locations in an update. Theres nothing to see here.
onyoursistersback  +   413d ago
Ima give her an a55 beating she will never forget"
dota2champion  +   413d ago
Rhianna is rich, she won't care
Codewow  +   413d ago
There's no doubt she'll try to sue once they start advertising or showing off the DLC. Though I must say.. A lot of people have that same look... Anyways, I am always happy to have free DLC, as long as these "heists" are still free as well.
SaveFerris  +   413d ago
Free DLC is always good, though it would be great if Rockstar released some content for the singleplayer game similar to The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and the Damned.
Codewow  +   413d ago
I'm sure they plan to once they figure out heists... or cancel them entirely...
SuperBlur  +   413d ago
The Rihanna one is old.. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Misleading picture for the article
FamilyGuy  +   413d ago
This isn't from the DLC and it isn't new. Check out the link they got the picture from, it says 7 months ago.

Strip Clubs in GTA Online is just some found code and they're assuming it will be DLC. The Rihanna thing is a complete separate topic and old news. Highly doubt Rihanna would care about a character that looks like her being in a strip club.
cogniveritas  +   413d ago
See seems like the kind of personality that would probably enjoy the likeness and take it in stride rather than sue.
Pentumsmart  +   413d ago
Still waiting for story DLC
FastRedPonyCar  +   413d ago
In b4 countless youtube videos of guys assaulting her in the game ಠ_ಠ
ATi_Elite  +   413d ago
Rihanna is hot, talented and with so many people adorning her ever changing look you are bound to get characters that resemble her or any famous person for that matter.

GTA Vice City every character looked like someone famous.
Twiggy  +   413d ago
"Awesome, I can kill her legally"

Hahaha! I love the internet.
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   413d ago
Lawsuit confirmed.
S11m  +   413d ago
Blablabla... Proofs, please.
1nsomniac  +   413d ago
HAHA What!!??

A black woman with short hair is automatically Rihanna now is she??? Surely I'm not the only one who can see the racism there!!

It looks absolutely nothing like Rihanna yet because it's black with short hair Rihanna should be "offended by Rockstars use of her image" She should be offended by this so called "journalist" writing this terrible article.

Jesus. I thought we were passed this childishness???

Any illiterate uneducated child seems to be writing gaming articles on the internet these days. It's embarrassing.
Ghoul  +   413d ago
im with you here,

sorry i find it also kinda racist (and im VERY cautious with such claims) to call that black woman with short hair rihanna.

that is sooo stereotyping its just silly

She looks nothing like here, she couldn't even be here sister actually.
Monkeycan8  +   413d ago
This is pretty old info >.>
TheTowelBoy  +   413d ago
Sorry but I think her music is just alright. Love her looks though, I've always been down to swirl 😉
sovietsoldier  +   413d ago
i dont think she would have a problem with it. thats just my opinion . video link

Related video
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azshorty2003  +   413d ago
Hooray!! More Strip Clubs..... -_-

Where are the Heists?!
illustratedDEO  +   413d ago
Lmao typical N4G clickbait article , character model already in the game behind stripclub entrance front desk/window. slow news day much.
static360  +   413d ago
DAMN IT ROCKSTAR!!!!! give us single player dlc or heist.
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Hitman0769  +   413d ago
I'm gonna have to say no way on this one. Very thin evidence here to support this claim. I could be wrong though.
waltyftm  +   413d ago
The little coke head fits perfectly, hope we get the chance to shoot her.
CertifiedGamer  +   413d ago
I feel like this is a fake, I heard Rockstar say clearly that they aren't planning on releasing dlc for GTA5, and knowing the fact that DLCs only is bought by less than 50% of users I really doubt that they would invest on it.
Gardenia  +   413d ago
I bet Lindsay Lohan is jealous right now
Syntax-Error   413d ago | Immature | show
Plagasx  +   413d ago
I pray to God that's Rihanna.. For Rockstar's sake lol..
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TBONEJF  +   413d ago
Who cares shes just a slut and probably won't care bout it
azricf  +   413d ago
Lol cant wait til someone mods the pc version to where you play as chris brown, and go into the strip club and beat the shit out of her.
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OverlordMao  +   412d ago
gameranx should not be taken with any kind of credibility.
DoggyBiscuit  +   412d ago
Since this is the Strip Club DLC does that mean Rihanna will be stripping cause that would be awesome
WobbuffetMC  +   412d ago
Love the Riahnna beat down over what's probably a randomly generated NPC lol
grimreefz  +   412d ago
im gay?

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