Watch Dogs 2: 8 Past Mistakes It Must Fix

The inevitable sequels are coming - so what must be done to save the game's already tarnished reputation?

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snarls2001408d ago

8 pages so here is the list

8: graphics
7: bland characters and writing
6: That Awkward Moment When You Neutralise A Vehicle
5: More Creative Uses of Hacking/Mission Structure
4: driving
3: Lots More Digital Trips
2: There’s Too Much To Do, And It Ain’t Interesting!
1: Explain Aiden

problem with #6 is he talks like everytime you neutralizea veichle you can't just speed away if the enemies are not killed

uth111408d ago

don't explain Aiden, replace him! Create a protagonist who is at least somewhat sympathetic and not a total a-hole

DragonKnight1408d ago

Aiden originally had a decent backstory that Ubi just decided to not tell in the game. He was a former member of the IRA and they were supposed to explain his involvement with them, how he became an expert hacker, and all of this other stuff that Ubi just cut out. Aiden isn't the problem, Ubisoft is.

showtimefolks1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

this is UBI so watch dogs was like the original AC, so expect high jump in quality/content with a sequel.

for me the biggest thing was Chicago's a boring place in watch dogs.

the story was just too plain/straight forward

also with next game not being held back by ps3/xbox 360 we may finally get the watch dogs that developers want to deliver. I feel like same thing will happen to destiny, cross gen games aren't my cup of tea

Shadowstar1408d ago

Hm. That sounds like: "make a better game with some similar mechanics."

DragonKnight1408d ago

8. Nothing wrong with the graphics. Something's wrong the expectations certain gamers have.

7. Jordi Chin and T-Bone aren't bland.

6. I don't want to go to the page to click through pages to find this one, so I'm just going to ask what the problem with neutralizing cars is.

5. Agreed. Although I love the idea of hacking, and the stealth mechanics it employs, the situations usually tend to end up being the same. Use camera to scan the area to disable reinforcements and distract guards, stealth take down guards and continue moving to do the same. Gets kinda boring.

4. Agreed. It's like driving on ice with ice tires. Unless you're using the offroad motorcycle, then you can pretty much do anything.

3. I assume this means variety. I never took part in the digital trips so I have no comment.

2. No there's not. It being interesting is a different matter, but there's not "too much to do." Yes, variety should be improved, but quantity is fine.

1. Agreed. I don't know why Ubisoft took out Aiden's backstory unless they're just going to shoehorn it into the sequel. I don't like games that have protagonists with no back story.

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MonstaTruk1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Graphics and driving should have been numbers 1 & 2, in my opinion. It doesn't matter, though. It's Ubisoft, and if Assassin's Creed is any indication on how Watch Dogs 2 will "improve", I'll pass...

Malphite1408d ago

What? If Assassin's Creed is any indication on how Watch Dogs 2 will improve it should be a good sign.

Graphics are obviously going to improve even though I never had a problem with the graphics. Watch Dogs already looks good. Not bar setting, but good.

Driving should get some rework even though it wasn't all that bad imo. I don't expect racing game physics in a third person action game.

More Creative Uses of Hacking/Mission Structure should obviously be improved cause that's what the game is all about. That should lead to more interessting sub-quests as well. More Digital Trips would be great.

I agree on the characters and the plot in general. I think that's where Watch Dogs has definately way more potential than there was utilized. More interessting/believable characters like Jordi Chin would definately help.

Vantage1408d ago

Hand it over to a studio that doesn't reliably release mediocrity.

gobluesamg1408d ago

How about changing the fact that the last damn gang hideout won't show up for me. I have completed just about everything in the game and profiled thousands of people but can't get the last hideout to pop. I have control of CTOS and 2 million dollars but can't find a gang!?! WTF!

gobluesamg1408d ago

Oh yeah and the city is bland and lifeless.

DragonKnight1408d ago

What the hell game were you playing? You never came across the random rap battles, beat boxing, martial arts training, makeout sessions, etc... etc... etc...?

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