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Why the Xbox One is a Failure

By Cyrus Martin

​As my first editorial submission to this web site, some might find it arrogant of me to begin my efforts here by undertaking an endeavor that could very well paint me into the ever dreaded corner of a “fan boy”.

If these words do indeed forever repel some from my offerings of opinion based on that conclusion then I do regret immediately those unfortunate consequences and I offer my sincerest apologies for assuming a villainous role that cannot be reconciled as an aspiring member of a form of media. I do however value highly the worth of impartiality, and would grant some measure of justification towards those that would hold that belief, and that this has not presented sufficient enough a deterrent as to dissuade me from my observations and the indictment. I would now submit to any who can stomach my critique of the state of affairs at Microsoft’s gaming division. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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Xbot360  +   499d ago
It is a little too early to make these claims. In this case Obamacare, The Cleveland Cavs, and Destiny have also failed.
Ultra  +   499d ago | Well said
Yet another wishful thinking that console A is a failure because it is less powerful than console B and the early started sales figure is better.

PS2 or Wii was also less powerful but not even a failure. The writer is the one who is not being honest to history, a less powerful console is not destined for a failure. Also, passing judgement based on the lower sales figure is like saying the PS Vita was already dead compared to 3DS.

Seems like someone thinks like he represents the whole gaming community here.
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johndoe11211  +   499d ago | Well said
Did you read the article? He is not saying the xbox is a failure because it is less powerful than its main competitor. You picked one point out of an entire list of points and decided to sum up the entire article based on it?

This article actually made the most amount of sense when compared to all the other "the xbox is doomed" articles out there and he certainly doesn't seem to be biased.

I'm not saying that the xbox is a total failure, but had this been any other system the media wouldn't have been so forgiving. People just seem to be contented sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling lalalalalala at the top of their lungs whenever you mention that the xbox is NOT doing well at all when compared to the competition.

"when a football team scores double the points of its opponent, we don’t make that excuse for the losing team. We don’t pretend like things aren’t that bad and accuse the media of inventing the whole fiasco. If a mixed martial arts fighter gets his ass kicked in a one-on-one cage match against a superior fighter we don’t make up a bunch of things we liked about how well he lost or attacked the other guy because he was more prepared or more capable. Honesty means being honest with ourselves especially when it hurts the most."
This statement caught my attention more than anything else because it is a perfect description of what is happening right now. The xbox is being praised for being utterly destroyed in sales. How does that even remotely make sense?

The gap keeps widening no matter what they do and every month we keep hearing from it's supporters "you just wait until (input any info that people believe will boost sales here), then we'll see what the xbox can really do. It'll be flying off shelves". How long are we gonna hear that for before people are willing to admit that even though it may not be a total failure, that it is in a lot of trouble?

The xbox is selling better when compared to the 360 ONLY because the 360 was severely supply constrained when it was released. Why does everyone seem to ignore that? What will it take for people to open their eyes? He isn't saying that it is forever doomed and will go out of production but compared to its main competitor, taking everything into consideration, it is failing.
deepio  +   499d ago | Intelligent
If he's not saying that it is forever doomed and will go out of production then perhaps the title should not be "Why the Xbox One is a failure".
You don't call a product a failure if it hasn't already gone out of production due to the lack of demand or you are suggesting that it will very soon because of the lack of demand.
johndoe11211  +   499d ago | Well said

It is a failure in comparison to the ps4 and how well the ps4 has been received and is selling.

Read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

This is a product that is still in production and is still selling, and yet it is considered "an unmitigated disaster". Would you not consider that a failure when compared to its competitors? It does not meant they will stop making it but it is not considered a success.
deepio  +   499d ago | Well said
Surface is a bit different. MS launch a new model every year so effectively do stop production of the old one.

But to call the Xbox One a failure knowing full well how long the life cycle is for a games console is ridiculous. It's way too early even if you are comparing against the current PS4 sales figures.

If you listen to PGR you'll know that Solider X hates the Xbox One. So he's written down all the negative points about it and called it a failure. Perhaps in his eyes it has failed him, but when you say "Xbox One is a failure" you're making a statement rather than an opinion. And that statement is nonsense.
bintarok  +   499d ago
A TRUE failure only happens when it is no longer in production, AND ceased being sold in the market due to lack of supports/sales or unintended defects. Less is not always a failure, it is just not conclusive.

The spirit of negativity isn't just damaging the game industry, but also assured monopoly power. It only fails open-minded gamers.
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creatchee  +   499d ago | Well said

"I'm not saying that the xbox is a total failure, but had this been any other system the media wouldn't have been so forgiving."


The media had been relentless on the Xbox One from conception to launch. It's only been the past couple of months that things have turned around in terms of the image of the console.

Don't try to pretend that an entire year of bad press didn't happen.
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choujij  +   499d ago | Well said
From what I've read on N4G, it's not okay to label the Xbox One as a failure just because it has weaker hardware and is selling less than it's competitor.

But it's totally okay to label the Wii-U as a failure for the same reasons.

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mcstorm  +   499d ago
It all depends on how you look at things to determine if its a failure or not. If we go off what a log of people say on N4G about the Xbox one then the PS3 was a failure as it did not sell as well as the PS2.

But the way I look at it is the PS3 had a very bad start Sony made a lot of mistakes in terms of Price, PSN and lack of IP's. They then went back to basics and corrected its faults and sales picked up and the PS3 was a success and they took all the plus points from the PS3 put them into the PS4 and then changed everything they got wrong with the PS4 and put them on the PS4 which has given them a strong start to this gen. For me the one thing the PS4 is missing is big name IP's now but looks like it will start to get them next year.

For Microsoft its a different story. The went after the core gamers at the start of the 360 life and it paid off esp when Halo 3 hit the market. Xbox live was unrivalled at the time and it was getting the best 3rd party support as well as extra content and lots of exclusives. It changes direction in the middle of the gen and tried to eat into the Wii Market with Kinect and kind of did but the development team thought they could take this market with them and also had a vision of what they wanted to do. The issue with the is the customer did not and the Xbox one had months of bad press from every angle and this forced Microsoft to change how the xbox one worked and then have to come out and explain it all again which again led to negative press as there was mixed messages getting out about drm, power always on ect.

Microsoft have worked hard just like Sony did in the eary PS3 days and ae starting to win people round and also offer some of its big name games to try and get the gamers on board added things like silver members get access to apps and free games for gold members as well as discount ect.

But that said the sales of the xbox one are above the 360's in the same time of its life on the market so this is a plus to build on.

The other big factor people seem to forget it tends to be 18 to 24 months into a new gen when console sales stat to pickup as there is a price drop big IP's hit the market and there were around 80 million PS3's and 360's sold and around 100 million Wii's sold. There has been around 15 million in total of WiiU, PS3 and Xbox Ones sold so that leaves around 245 million customers (Yes I know some people owned more than one console) left to upgrade to a new gen console and a lot of time left for sales of one or all consoles to go up.

The way I am looking at the market now I think this Christmas will be the time to judge where the Xbox one, PS4 and WiiU markets will be and how successful they will be too.
kreate  +   499d ago
I really think ppl should give the x1 until Christmas before making these claims, at least til the end of the year.
The_Hero  +   499d ago
Another doom and gloom article.
At least now Xbox owners knows how it feels like just like the Wii U and PS Vita has been trough.

Not only that, but all the BS Xbox owners have been continuously bashing the PS3 last generation with similar doom failure article.

This is why consoles wars are lame, stupid and generally bad for the gaming industry.

Competition is a great motivator to become better, but not when it turns you one against the other.
Wii_own_U  +   499d ago
After all the arrogance coming from Xbox, I feel it's justified.
DragonKnight  +   499d ago | Well said
The author is wrong no matter how you look at it.

In his examples there is a clear "winner" and clear "loser" situation. In the console business there are no actual winners or losers, only success and failure. The two are similar yet different.

The Xbox One could be in last place, selling the least amount of consoles, but if when all is said and done it sells, say, 50 million units then no one can say that that's a failure. So long as the company is making money, then it's not a failure at all.

The absolute most you can say is that the Xbox One isn't doing as well as the PS4, but that doesn't automatically mean it's a failure. It means it's just not doing as well as its competition.

Sony will be the first to tell everyone that this is a marathon, not a sprint. The consoles are only a year old and it's WAY to early to start using words like "failure."

You can't even legitimately use words like "in trouble" either just yet.

The entire article seems to misunderstand what a failure actually is, and the title is clearly clickbait.

The Xbox One is not performing as well as the PS4, but it's also not a failure.
Tetsujin  +   499d ago

After reading your first comment I read the article, and glad I did to; it's a very well written piece that doesn't just say "Xbox is dying" without actual justification.

The author has some valid points, and if people actually take the time to read it instead of just the title and other comments they will see this is a well written, unbiased piece.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   499d ago
@John Weren't people saying the PS3 was forever doomed?

"The gap keeps widening no matter what they do and every month we keep hearing from it's supporters "you just wait until (input any info that people believe will boost sales here),"

Remember the articles that popped up saying so and so month or year the PS3 will catch up?

"The Xbox One was priced $100 higher than its primary competitor"

Remember the PS3 was 5 to 600$?

Or how bout a glorious article such as this that always popped up? "How PS3 is a failure"

I know I'm bringing up PlayStation here but its the only shining example of what PS3 once went through (Besides DRM).

Now I honestly don't see nearly as many doom articles when compared to PS3 last gen I mean it was anti PS3 here early on its life cycle.

I'm glad you took cues from last gen and realize hopefully MS slow start is hopefully temporary.
Gozer  +   499d ago
The author is a childish fanboy, and a pretentious one as well. Its incredibly immature to be so unsatisfied with your brand choice, that you have to justify your purchase by degrading competing brands. Talk up your favorite brand all you want, but when you start attacking other brands, and by relation their fans, you need to grow the f*** up. Its perfectly obvious to me why most gaming journalists are nothing more than tabloid writers trying to capitalize off sensationalism.
BX81  +   499d ago
You sir are drunk. Forgiving you say? Yeah MS must have missed all that forgiveness after the console announcement. There is a reason Sony is leading by the amount they are in sales. It's because gamers didn't like the picture MS painted and the media didn't like it either. The console and it's image have taken a huge overhaul. Also your comparison to a football team is way different. When the game is over that's it, it's tallied in the books as a win, loss or draw. In the case of the gaming industry.... Well let's put it like this. When was the last time you didn't see ps2 sales figures. The generation just started and it's looking great for all gamers. If the xbox is being praised it's because it's a damn solid console like it or not. When it doesn't do what it's supposed to and still sells then you can be vexed.
zero_gamer  +   499d ago
The Xbox One is probably the best selling console of it's rather poor reputation. That's saying something different from "failure."
Death  +   499d ago
DK pretty much nailed it. The Xbox One clearly isn't doing as well as the PS4, but that doesn't mean it's a failure.
johndoe11211  +   499d ago

I will not say that it is over for the xbox one. Anything is possible. Who knows what the future holds. But comparing this launch to the ps3 launch is a very bad example that a lot of people seem to make for two very important reasons:

1. The ps3 launched an entire year ahead of the xbox one, this time they launched together so it's a lot easier to compare.

2. Even though the ps3 launched a year later, from the get go it sold well and it was not being outsold 2:1 in worldwide sales. In fact the lead kept dropping, not increasing like what we are seeing now.
loulou  +   499d ago
Turd blog wrote just for n4g.. enough said

Great post Dragon Knight! ... enough said
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s8anicslayer  +   499d ago
Why Destiny? It hasn't even launched yet,opinion pieces are just that and should be treated as just a point of view from the gaming media and consumer!I can see by your user name why you have taken offense but seriously...why so serious?
johndoe11211  +   499d ago
Know what's funny? When the ps3 was released it consistently outsold the 360 worldwide, yet it was justified, and the norm, at that time to have a "ps3 is doomed article" every 3 days for the first 3 years of its lifetime. Nobody complained then.
SteamPowered  +   499d ago
Ha ha, well played sir.
lifeisgamesok  +   499d ago
Right. This article is a failure
IrishSt0ner  +   499d ago
Author likes his thesaurus, and makes pleasing use of the English language.

The article itself is no more than self rewarding proclamation of their own precieved vast ego. It has no basis in fact, opinion cited as the source for opinion.

Never have I read such stupidity, written so well, kudos for that!
JeffGUNZ  +   499d ago
Exactly my thoughts. If he doesn't like the Xbox, that's fine, but to state his opinion as fact is pathetic. When he says "Xbox one is a failure", he is not longer expressing an opinion but trying to portray a fact. Both consoles have launched less than a year ago and we keep see this article.

Also, he lost me at "a racing series that no one even remembers the name". Really? When I think of racing, I think of Forza and GT. This guy is bias and a joke of a "writer"
iceman06  +   498d ago
So...basically verbal masterbation!?! LOL That's pretty much what I got out of it too. I wouldn't have had too many issues with the article itself, aside from disagreeing with its premise, had the author provided a shred of data to support his opinion. It was well written, yet biased and devoid of any real substances (i.e., statistics).
JunoDivided  +   499d ago
This is true. We have to remember that the ONE is selling just a hair slower than the 360.
DemonChicken  +   499d ago
Like some of my mates say - the one is essentially a PS3.5. Due to the fact the large number of reversals, everything is pretty similar with the PS and XB but with better resolution with the PS4 with multiplatform games hence the 3.5

The xbox one has lost most of its original vision and innovation. The cloud doesn't count as it's not proven adding to the fact of the uncertainty with connection issues and temporary gfx (when they close the those dedicated "free" servers, that boost will be gone).

The thing that differentiates between them is the games which Microsoft look committed to do at the moment esecially reaching to JP developers. I'm mostly a rpg kind of guy and the PS provides more to my tastes with some exclusive franchises that I like - ni no kuni, persona, tales, Valkyria Chronicles, yakuza, Ar tonelico, super robot wars, macross 30, another century episode, those mecha games! Well the reason why I went for the PS3 back in the day despite it's shortcomings; underpowered, hard to program for, etc.
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raymantalk1  +   499d ago
just sell your xbox1 get a ps4 you wont regret it :)
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   499d ago
I hope MS has the same attitude that you do. We'll see if they make it out alive at the end of this gen.

And strike the ACA from that little list of yours.

Obamacare Fails to Fail
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Sarcasm  +   499d ago
People know that I am very pro-playstation. But to say the Xbox One failed is foolish. It hasn't failed. It just hasn't done as well as the PS4. It says more about the success of the PS4 and not necessarily about the misfortunes of the Xbox One. It's still selling quite well in terms of console sales.

If anything has failed, it's the Wii U unfortunately.
Magicite  +   499d ago
This is how you get a lot of hits.
HollywoodLA  +   499d ago
Obamacare isn't a good analogy. It's already a success and isn't actually competing with anyone or anything.

Who claimed it was a failure? I'm just interest where you heard that absurd claim.
Pogmathoin  +   499d ago
Failure in the fact it set really high goals..... 2nd fastest selling console..... Ignore fanboys as this writer suggested he was not.
Killzoner99  +   498d ago
The Xbone is simply a day one failure. It just never took off and the only one to blame is Micro$oft and their need to tack on intrusive DRM and screw over their loyal customers. Everyone knows Sonys got the gamers backs.
awi5951  +   498d ago
What a click bait article lol. They must be running low on funds lol.
Hands Up For Games  +   499d ago
As my first editorial submission to this web site, some might find it arrogant of me to begin my efforts here by undertaking an endeavor that could very well paint me into the ever dreaded corner of a “fan boy".

Some may call it fan boy-esque . . .

I prefer to call it flamebait and desperate for clicks. Congratulations on what is no doubt the first of many flame and click bait related articles.

Bookmarked to avoid.
Axios2  +   499d ago

2 quick points:

1, the poke at X1 not being 1080p capable shows the authors lack of research, all these are 1080p native:

X1 native 1080p
Forza 5
Halo CA
Dying Light
Kinect Sports Rivals
Murdered Soul Suspect
Child of Light
The Lego Movie Videogame
Alien Isolation
Forza Horizon 2
Project Cars
Sniper Elite 3
The Crew

2) The author might want to muster the courage to put sales into perspective, as PS4 sells in almost 6 times as many Countries. Even if it sold in the same number of Countries, by virtue of the 25% lower price the lower priced product would always sell more.

@ Johndoe, apples to apples

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johndoe11211  +   499d ago | Well said
" The author might want to muster the courage to put sales into perspective, as PS4 sells in almost 6 times as many Countries."

Do you know what I find amazingly interesting about that comment? When the ps4 launched it launched in the USA and Canada and sold a million systems. When the xbox one launched it launched in 13 countries including the USA and Canada and sold a million systems. At that point NOT A SINGLE xbox supporter contributed the xbox large sales to launching in 6 times more countries than the ps4. At that point you were all celebrating, high fiving each other and talking about it matching ps4 sales. Why does the amount of countries matter now?

That article changes absolutely nothing and it reafirms my point. It is also irrelevant when you take into consideration that it is still loosing in the US.
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christocolus  +   499d ago
Lol..what an article. I just wasted my time reading it.
Clarence  +   499d ago
Please explain why the PS4 sold 1m consoles in NA and Canada, while it took 13 territories to do this.
SilentNegotiator  +   499d ago
Only ~50% of Xbone games are 1080p (vs Ps4's ~90%).
That's kind of problematic in calling Xbone "1080p capable"...that phrase needs a "half of the time" or an asterisk or something.

And Xbone is losing everywhere PS4 is also in. Releasing in regions that sell a LOT LESS systems will only slow down the gap slightly.
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MysticStrummer  +   499d ago
"When the ps4 launched it launched in the USA and Canada and sold a million systems. When the xbox one launched it launched in 13 countries including the USA and Canada and sold a million systems. At that point NOT A SINGLE xbox supporter contributed the xbox large sales to launching in 6 times more countries than the ps4. At that point you were all celebrating, high fiving each other and talking about it matching ps4 sales. Why does the amount of countries matter now?"

creatchee  +   499d ago | Intelligent

"Why does it matter now?" (paraphrased)

Last generation, discrepancies in resolution and game performance didn't matter to certain people.

Last generation, paying for online multiplayer was evil and something that certain people swore they would never do.

Last generation, exclusives were the only reason to buy a console for certain people.

Last generation, paying anywhere from $100-$300 MORE at launch than the competition's console was worth it to certain people.

Last generation, sales didn't matter to certain people.

But hey - that was last generation, right? I guess hypocrisy has a statute of limitations.
Chevalier  +   499d ago
Halo, Dying Light, Project Cars ,Destiny, Alien Isolation?! None of these games are out so unless proven with an actual release then no they should NOT be listed. Guess your list was so short you had to beef it up. So calling out the author for not doing research then listing unreleased games is okay? Weak list and argument.
johndoe11211  +   499d ago

"I guess hypocrisy has a statute of limitations. "

You would do well to remember that.
HollywoodLA  +   498d ago
You cited an NPD from December, yet you once against omitted the fact that Sony has beaten Microsoft in NPD month, after month, after month, after month.

Your statement was quite hypocritical. Hence your credibility is non-existent on the issue.

Why didn't Microsoft launch the Xbone in more countries? Because their own projections indicated these additional territories were irrelevant to their initial launch window sales goals. The numbers just weren't there.

Are you really so delusional, that you're claiming a japan launch and smaller EU countries would contribute to the Xbone being the global leading platform? How? Playstation is dominant in EMEA (if you even know what EMEA stands for) It's impossible for your insinuation -- that's all it was, an insinuation, not even a stated claim; you came short of actually saying anything concrete, rather dancing around this false claim -- to be true in any way. Demographic data over the past decade prove that.

It's a very cliché talking point from those desperately trying to take away from Sony's success. I'm happy to say it failed.

: )
CaptainObvious878  +   498d ago
How many times axios? How many times are you going to mention that the PS4 is in more countries for it to be factually countered every single time?

Do you just not read all your replies?

MS have purposefully launched in their strongest markets... You know what, I'm not going to waste my time. I'll just wait for September to come around where the xbone will get a good initial boost in sales, but no where near the amount to close the 4-5 million lead the PS4 will have by that time.
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Volkama  +   499d ago
Regardless of the point he is trying to make (or the click-bait headline), I hope he doesn't submit any more articles until he learns to be more concise.

"If these words do indeed forever repel some from my offerings of opinion based on that conclusion then I do regret immediately those unfortunate consequences"

Seriously... that's just terrible writing.
iDadio  +   499d ago
I think he went with the fancy words route and disregarded grammar in some areas :(
Bathyj  +   499d ago
God I hate people who write like they're reading a thesaurus. It just screams How many big words can I cram into a sentence so people think I'm smart.
iceman06  +   498d ago
Maybe not terrible, BUT terribly pretentious for sure.
Provolone24  +   499d ago

PS3 got bad ports last gen, X1 is getting them this gen. However, games specifically designed for Playstation are going to ultimately look better because both the PS3 and PS4 have better hardware. See - Beyond: Two Souls last gen, Uncharted 4 this gen.

Paying for online service is not evil, but the way Microsoft conducted it for a long time wasn't exactly saintly by hiding everything behind a paywall and whatnot. While the paywall is finally gone, PS+ is still a more flexible and optional service that offers better value.

Exclusives? Let me guess: you're implying PS4 doesn't have any exclusives? Cute. The remainder of 2014 is slow on both sides. The lineups are fairly even with maybe a slight edge in Microsoft's favor. 2015, on the other hand, is a different story. PS3 ended up with a much more versatile and creative library of exclusive games. This gen will be no different; Sony has too much studio power. The fact that you'll likely be too busy with your beloved Master Chief doesn't just offset the likes of Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Order, No Man's Sky, Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, etc. Quantum Break looks great, but Microsoft better have more than that to show at Gamescom.

PS3 was worth paying more last gen because it was a better machine, period. Three times as powerful as the 360, blu-ray, HDMI support and built-in wifi at launch. You get what you pay for. X1 was $100 more because of Kinect and, while Kinect is innovative, most gamers didn't want it and weren't going to pay extra for it. Look at the sales if you really don't wanna swallow that one.

Assuming you're an Xbox fan, sales should never matter to you because your console of choice has never won a console generation "war" lol.

I'll be here all week!
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mixolydian_id  +   499d ago | Well said
As wonderful as your opinion is... its best left in the comments section below other articles.

Opinion based 'articles' are just blogs... which to be honest, should stay on your own personal website.

Whether it has 'failed' or not, I still want one

But I have a 360, PC and mac. I don't need to upgrade anytime soon.
The fact only 5-10% of people have purchased either console in the opening year, clearly states people arent as bothered as you and many other's believe. Sales across the board are dying down.

You should write an article about peoples interpretation of the next-gen console 'battle'.

How people are continuously fed misleading PR information by teams of people who are paid to do just that. They're preying on your enjoyment and feeding you marketing BS... how people willingly spread this rubbish around the internet, inturn feeding the problem with the games industry further.

It's all, "Look at this, isn't it amazing, insert 'factual' favourable statistic here" and watch as the sheep follow every word as if something biblical.

Not only has the games industry grown, but it's coverage has become fallacious and un-important.

The only reason this homebrew journalist wrote this, is because he is doing what he's been told from the beginning.

Consider my comment a friendly word of warning. Somebody needs to re-assert what news actually is and bloggers need to go back to their Facebook feed.
y7jzdgy  +   499d ago
Well said mix bubbles up!
mixolydian_id  +   499d ago
Why thankyou, "kasdbcflaksdjbcfsdy7jzdg y"

Be my guest to re-post this comment wherever you deem fit.

More people should start thinking for themselves.

Not bowing to those who tell us what to think.
Bathyj  +   499d ago
Not disagreeing with your original post, but did you just say people should think for themselves, and then ask someone to repeat to other people what you just said?

C'mon, that's Damm funny.
VoiceMale  +   499d ago
Well said bubbled up
We all know that kind of logic is forbidding around here at N4G,I stopped trying months ago, but then I saw ur post and how refreshing it was to read it...
Money is destroying game journalism and N4G is one of the sites responsible.... am surfing the web for clean honest journals and game sties and its a dying breed....

Who approved this as an article needs to look deep inside themselves... and ask really????🙍
JBSleek  +   499d ago
It's not a failure. Moving along.
KinjoTakemura  +   499d ago
The article is based on subjective nonsense. It's points merely describe why the PS4 is more successful. Being less successful doesn't necessarily equate failure. In reality, this article is a failure.
Spotie  +   499d ago
Unless your objective was to be more successful.

The XB1 will still sell well, but let's face it: the device failed at its purpose. Given just how much it has had to change in less than a year, the XB1 Microsoft wanted to sell was a massive failure.

And while it IS still early, it's likely that the console will also fail to win this generation(which, for all the confused ones out there, has been and always will be determined by the most consoles sold).

While it's not a total disaster, Microsoft likely doesn't look at the thing as favorably as its fanboys do. Of course, they won't say that, because that isn't the image any company wants to present.

Oh, and the extra counties thing? Stop. It won't matter, as it never has. It has no reason to.
JeffGUNZ  +   499d ago
So, what do they win? I hope it's a new car!
KillerByte23  +   499d ago
The console hasn't even launched in all countries yet so how do we know it is a failure.
madjedi  +   498d ago
This again, the two biggest markets last gen was the us and uk for ms, sony had overall most of the primary markets dominated.

The xb1 is already out in both of it's primary markets, and getting beaten in both, the rest of the other countries are not going to make the difference. Especially when the ps4 is already available in many the same countries and selling.

Being in second or third place, isn't going to make a system a failure, that is up to ms to decide.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   499d ago
Nothing to see here folks, (Water Style: Water gun jutsu to take care of this flamebait).
Ch1d0r1  +   498d ago
His first paragraph was real good, then he pretty much repeated what everyones been saying, xbox 1 making too many 180's.
DEEBO  +   499d ago
Lol the end part got me because i visualize a sony rep twisting the knife in a MS rep mortal kombat style.
corvusmd  +   499d ago
Unfortunately stats and facts say otherwise....time wasted
user7402931  +   499d ago
the fact that ps4 is crushing it in



SaveFerris  +   499d ago
Sold millions and it's a failure?
mixolydian_id  +   499d ago
5 million units x 400$ = 2 billion$ in takings

Therefore profit = ?
SaveFerris  +   499d ago
Got me there. Though I doubt the any of the current gen consoles have made a profit this early and afaik don't the companies (Sony, MS and Nintendo) usually sell the hardware at a loss to begin with? MS still makes money through software sales and Xbox Live memberships as well.
SnakePlissken  +   499d ago
There's alot of dummies out there.
MrGEE  +   499d ago
coz buthurt thats why
King_of_Nothing  +   499d ago
I see that the author took the crash course provided by an earlier article and passed with flying colors. A+

Dudebro90  +   499d ago
I'm convinced gaming "journalism" is now; Lets complain and find everything negative we possibly can.

Seriously, this is a joke. The console cycle just started. Just give it a rest.
ricochetmg  +   499d ago
Wii u is a failure the xbox one is just not the 360 but doing well.
#14 (Edited 499d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
y7jzdgy   499d ago | Off topic | show
mhunterjr  +   499d ago
I don't know. What was more off putting, the obvious flaimbait or his rambling writing style.
Aussie_Spectre  +   499d ago
I don't see the Xbone as a failure but it is less of what it should have been, thanks to a few flawed presentations the Xbone is now feeling the repercussions of this and has had an effect in sales and popularity.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   499d ago
Of course the gamers don't think XB1 is a failure but what about MS? Their console is not the top seller. If you not #1 you basically failed at something and MS has been trying to fix these failures with discounts/price cuts, talks of cloud boosting performance, and saying you all about the gamers. I give credit to MS for changing for the good but even they know it's too late to take this gen. PS4 not slowing down at all.

With that said I think XB1 is NOT a failure yet. Just wait and see but it's clear as day that MS is not happy with XB1 right now.
DougLord   499d ago | Off topic | show
mcarsehat  +   499d ago
i'm starting to hate free speech...
thecastroregime  +   499d ago
I respect the author's opinion, and while he does make a slight amount of sense, the choice of words here is too strong. Just because the Xbox One is presently underperforming in relation to the PS4 does not make it a failure. It makes it second place in a competition. The Xbox One has still sold plenty of consoles and plenty of software.

Failure is way too big a word to use here. Unfortunately it's flame and clickbait.
bednet  +   499d ago
I wouldn't call the X1 a failure quite yet, but it is in a tough spot to say the least. It does have a lower user base and that gap most likely will widen. Not having many 1st party studios means that MS will have a harder time or have to pay more for 3rd party exclusives as the developer is basically cutting his prospective sale by more than half.

It's a vicious cycle, consoles need exclusives to boost sales (people often make the jump because of a game), you get less exclusives because of a smaller user base, therefore you sell less consoles, rinse and repeat.

Throw into the mix the "friend" effect, where people buy the console their friends have, which is typically a positive for the leading console and a negative for the other, and we can see that things aren't looking too bright for MS.

Personally I don't take either side, I take the side of gaming in general, which needs healthy competition.
PiNkFaIrYbOi  +   499d ago
​Best paragraph at of the whole article. Espcially when the author talks about the dark overlord, Illuminati, and stuff. It was very amusing.

"The Xbox One is a vastly inferior piece of hardware compared to The Playstation 4. Not only has the Xbox One not won over the general public but it also cannot even manage to retain the support of the most ardent, and familiar of its own user base. Xbox 360 owners have been moving to Sony’s new format in droves with almost no Playstation 3 users making the same leap. Why is that? Is that simply because of marketing? Perhaps it is some form of public mass hysteria? Maybe Sony has somehow brainwashed everyone into this agreement by secretly harnessing the powers of a dark overlord that has tricked them all and will soon begin the construction of a new world order headed by The Illuminati, that is all of course made possible through their systematic dispersal of chem trails and Slender Men, or maybe Microsoft has its head up its own ass?"
Vasto  +   499d ago
Calling the system a failure when we are still in year 1 is just silly. As one poster said if its still being sold and all the major games are still being made for it then how has it failed? When they pull the plug then repost this article but even the most hard anti xboxer knows thats not going to happen.
#24 (Edited 499d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Omnisonne  +   499d ago
Way to be dramatic about it.. its a freakin gaming console lol
Budobear  +   499d ago
I couldn't read the article the opening paragraph was more than enough. It was how it was written that put me off, not what it was saying. It read like a 15 year old trying to impress by using lots of unnecessary words. You can make an intelligent point without all the fluff, please try again.
CptVimes  +   499d ago
What a base piece of, and I use the term loosely, journalism, and rather than being anything close to resembling meaningful, even and facts based discourse, it just comes across as a delusional wish fulfilment exercise on the authors part. Enjoy your dream scenarios pal because that is all they are. Tootles.
greenyboi  +   499d ago
Everyone is entitled to there opinion, but would not say the xbox one is a failure. Its to early to judge . Wait till the end of this generation. And just wondering how few units would Microsoft have to sell to be considered a failure.
DarXyde  +   499d ago
Failure is relative. If the XBOX One is fully supported throughout its life and XBOX One gamers love the games that make it to the console, I can't see how it's a failure to the gamer. To Microsoft, if it continues the trend of never turning a profit for their games division, then we can argue that they find it to be a failure. Likewise, if the XBOX One somehow turns a profit but the games are lackluster, Microsoft would call it a success (to a point, perhaps) with gamers calling it a failure.

I don't think the XBOX One is a failure. It's not selling poorly, it's just not doing PlayStation 4 numbers.
bneals  +   499d ago
I disagree with the author, but only because I define "success" differently than he does. A successful console is defined as one that makes the company money. I don't know the answer to that question, but that is what will define the success (or failure) of the console.
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