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YouTube Community Being Criticized for Taking Cash From Publishers – Is It Really So Wrong?

Jon of RGN writes, "If you were offering to pay for videos to spread awareness of your product, would you pay for videos that bashed it too? I think not. And to those who claim that they shouldn’t be able to pay for videos at all, well that just seems rather stupid. This industry is a business that is practically ignored by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and therefore has virtually no regulations enforced from it. That’s why you’ll see websites like RealGamerNewz tell you at the bottom of each review just how many copies of a game we received to do the Review (as required by FTC regulations) but huge sites like IGN get away with not telling you anything about what they received for a review (which often includes money, tons of physical and digital copies, and swag such as branded clothing, keychains, USB keys, headsets, you name it. This is largely due to the fact that the video games industry is an emerging technology business and therefore a lot of legal stuff is hard to rationalize. In many cases the FTC regulations are outdated for a business so rapidly evolving thanks to technology.

This is only part of the story of course, but I figured rather than re-hashing the simple way of telling this story that other sites are doing – I decided to shed a little more light on this issue." (Culture)

Godmars290  +   15d ago
Meh. I have a problem with devs making games that are more worth watching than playing. Which are only really good for one play-through.
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GeofferyPeterson  +   15d ago
A word of advice to everyone, if someone wants to give you money, TAKE IT!
TekoIie  +   15d ago
As long as they fully disclose that they are receiving money from a dev/publisher for a video I have no problem.
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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   15d ago
I agree with Tekolie, just like on tv commercials with your favorite celebrities, it easily says they're paid actors. People should know if the endorsement is honest.
ramiuk1  +   15d ago
100% agree dude.

THIS IS HASE BEEN ENDORSED BY ----------- at begining.

celebs advertising on tv,we know they been paid and they dont give a crap about the item or use it.
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Lon3wolf  +   15d ago
Exactly Tekolie as long as they are upfront with being funded paid by a particular group/company I have no issues with it.
PockyKing  +   15d ago
I would take articles like this more seriously if they had definite proof. Which none ever do. I've been doing this stuff for five years now. The worst thing I've heard from a publisher is this line - "Keep in mind, the score that you give X will affect X's livelyhoods."

Actually happened just a few weeks ago. Didn't even tell my reviewer that was said so he wouldn't be inclined to review the game one way or another. Gave the game the score it deserved, which was an average score.

Stuff like that is more serious to me than someone getting some free swag. Money, yea, that's crossing the line again, but how much proof of that does anyone have? Little to none.
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BX81  +   15d ago
I dont see a difference in someone giving you merchandise and trying to persuade you with comments.
PockyKing  +   15d ago
It depends on the person. I could give two shits about getting free stuff. I don't collect gaming related items nor really wear the apparrel they hand out at events. I give most of it away.

When someone tries to make me feel bad when reviewing a game saying I'm going to actually "affect" their livelyhood with it? That's a little different.

Sympathy is a much stronger push than giving someone something for free.
BX81  +   15d ago
I agree it depends on what actually affects the person but both are meant to persuade.
Ripsta7th  +   15d ago
If anyone on this site was in their position, i sure as hell bet anyone with a brain would take that money. Our lives revolve around money
Quanicus  +   15d ago
LordMe  +   15d ago
I am not about to turn down money, certainly not for something I was already doing anyway...
azricf  +   15d ago
Only if it's someone like Angry Joe. This dude is such an xbot. Why? Because he bought a ps4, and completely stopped posting videos about it during the whole microsoft/machinima hidden promotion thing. He's obviously been bought.
Quanicus  +   15d ago
How is that obvious? Besides you're wrong, and just promoted a you tuber for FREE! Imagine if you were paid for dropping his name!
Menkyo  +   15d ago
When wil people learn? EA tried to get to well know devs to do a kick starter under their name so they wouldn't have to actually pay any money for a new IP. Anything and everything will be exploited its called capitolism.
crazychris4124  +   15d ago
I'd take the money on the condition that I can voice my own opinion without being harassed by the company for criticizing their product. Seems like most youtubers take the money and say the product is amazing and you should buy it. Hard to find someone who wont listen to the company and say what they truly believe. From what ive seen there are few people that do this. Modern War Negro is the only one that comes to mind but im sure there are others out there but i just dont watch their videos. I have my own partnered channel and that extra cash every month definitely helps out.
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Armadilo21  +   15d ago
who gives a fk, if a game is shit you just can't hide shit
Soldierone  +   15d ago
I've been doing reviews for years. PR people never told me to review a game in a positive way at all. You have those that take care of people like me really well, and those that are standard.

Rockstar for example is known to give goodies with their games, and that's just them saying thank you for supporting them.

What irks me about publishers/developers paying Youtubers is wasn't it just last week that they were crying foul about the whole idea of Youtubers making money off it? So what gives in that regard? Their own bosses were probably like "shut the hell up" haha

Other than that, someone wants to pay you for coverage, do it! What's the problem? Hate to break it to you, but when the news covers a local business or does a story about some business, they are not doing it for free. That business did something to get them to come.
SSJBen  +   15d ago
You're not a reviewer. Keep your e-peen back in your trousers.
Soldierone  +   14d ago
Yep, not a reviewer. Only get pretty much every game released sent to me for no reason at all. :)
hkgamer  +   15d ago
i think its ok for youtube lets players to take money to play a game as long as the viewers know.

i mean if publishers feel that a certain youtuber can showcase their game pretty well then why not? maybe one day everyone would get paid to do this and they would find it funny that they were doing this for free before.

i mean do celebrities get criticised for getting paid to do charity work?

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